craft room layout and mood board.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hey hey! I'm here today to share some craptastic photos of my craft room (sorry for the phone pics but I didn't have time to get out the "real" camera).

Before I show you the photos and the mood board for the room, here's the basement floor plan so you can see which room I'm talking about.  It's Bedroom 4.
We've lived in this house for over 8 months now.  That's 8 with a capital E.  And I haven't unpacked the first box in my craft room.  It's sad really.  Get it together, Jenna, sheesh!  So, please ignore the mess and disorganization.  It will get there.  Eventually.

This room has one of the best lake views in the house and gets great light.  Oh, and luckily has a large closet where I stashed all the moving boxes before we were having people over one day.  So, if  you think I don't really have that much "stuff," you would be mistaken.  Ha!

Okay, so here's a detailed floor plan for the room.  It's not really a large room but it's plenty big enough for my purposes and I can't wait to make it more functional!  The IKEA shelves will stay, but I think I'm going to put the larger two both on the angled wall (standing up next to each other).  The small one will either go in the closet or up in S2's room.
I love the neutral paint color in this room (same one used throughout most of the house - Ben Moore's "Sterling") so I'm leaving the walls as is and bringing in personality through black, white, and green accents, with plenty of wood tones and some gold sprinkled in.

I already have most of these things.  I'm on the lookout for a {cheap} wood top table and I need to grab some woven baskets and the curtains, but other than that, it's mostly about just pulling it together and getting this room to be a functional creative space!

I'm DIYing the Disney art and will share the how-to and free printables (5!) with you sooner than later. :)

Here are the sources if you're interested in duplicating the look:
curtains | curtain rod | chair | basket | clock | plant art (free!) | pillow

I'll be sure to share more as it comes together!  Hopefully with better photos next time... ;)

gallery wall and some new end tables.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Over the weekend, I finally finished up a gallery wall I've been working on.  We have an angled wall in our living room that I thought would be so cute accented with some family photos.

It's really hard to take photos of this wall because it's directly across from the wall o' windows, hence tons o' glare.  I'm just so happy to finally get some of these photos hung up for all to see.  The hardest part was picking my favorites!

I used mostly frames I already had or bought like 6 months ago with this wall in mind.  The only new thing I got was this "Afloat" art from Minted.

Before I started putting holes in the wall, I laid out all my frames to see which layout fit the space the best.  I dug through the storage boxes and pulled out every frame that was black, wood or brown.  I have a ton of white frames, but it's my experience (since our last house was painted the same color, hey-oh), that white frames just fall flat on Ben Moore's "Sterling."

After deciding on an arrangement I liked, I laid each frame down on some Christmas wrapping paper, traced it and cut it out.  This part took a long time but is so worth it to get the result you want without lots of trial and error.

I actually had 3/4 of the frames hung up for a couple weeks before I got around to hanging the rest.  And then a week after that finally filled them all with photos.  Projects around here take a lot longer than they used to. :)

I still need to spray paint that mat of S2's newborn photo because it's yellowed quite a bit being in storage.  Ugh, a decorator's job is never done. :)

While we're in the living room, I thought I'd also share our new end tables with you.  I honestly haven't been this excited about a furniture purchase in a long time.  I've been "over" our old end tables for quite a while, and especially with the new sofa, they were just too large to provide adequate walking space from the living room to the kitchen.  Here's a refresher of what the living room looked like with the old end tables:

And now with the new ones!

Okay, so I didn't get a great shot of them from this angle because I wasn't thinking about them at the time I shot this photo.  BUT I did manage to get a good close up!

Here's a link if you're interested in them!  Hammary Reclamation Place end tables.  However, please note that we didn't buy them from Wayfair and didn't pay nearly that much.  We live in the furniture capital of the southeast and are lucky enough to have a row of furniture outlets just down the road from us, where we found these and purchased them.  S1's uncle actually worked for Hammary for many years so we have quite a few pieces of Hammary furniture and have always been pleased with the quality!  50% of our furniture is Broyhill, 25% is Hammary and the other 25% is IKEA/random. ha

These end tables just fit the style of our house, rug, and sofa so much better than reddish orange boxy ones we had before.  And it turns out that I LOVE having smaller end tables.  They don't collect random things and are the perfect size for a book and a drink and really, what more do you need?

In other news, I bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yesterday.  I haven't started it yet but I'm not quite sure how I'll like reading a "script" versus a traditional novel.  But I had to give it a shot, because Harry Potter.  Are any of you Harry Potter nerds?

summer fun, happens so fast.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My mind is already transitioning to fall (what is it about the fourth of July that does that to a person?), so I thought I would take a moment to reflect on our summer so far.

S2 took swim lessons and she's like a little fish.  She was definitely the best kicker in the class and never wanted to get out of the pool.

I've shared my love of Starbucks with her.  Don't worry, she mostly just drinks the whipped cream but she's not opposed to any sort of coffee drink.  Girl after my own heart.

We celebrated S1's birthday with dinner and cupcakes on the deck.  I snapped this shot and wondered when, exactly, I got all those eye wrinkles.

S2 made the cutest little model in some tights for my work.  If you're online shopping for toddler girls' tights, it might just be S2's legs you're seeing. ;)

S1 and I went to Disneyland and California Adventure in May.  We left S2 at home.  Ha!  It was so much fun but I have to say, I prefer the World to the Land.  Less than 2 months until S2's first trip to Disney World!

S2 is a daddy's girl.  She's always saying "where my daddy go?" when he's not in the same room as her.  It's adorable.

She loves to help me with the gardening.  It's been so hot the past few weeks that we've spent our afternoons inside (hence why my hydrangeas are suffering from lack of water), but I can't wait until this crazy heat breaks and we can spend more time outside again.

Yep, this is my girl in a nutshell:

Her favorite activity always involves something with a steering wheel.

Or if a cookie is involved, she's totally game.

I've tried to be intentional about getting her into the water this summer. It's not something that comes naturally to us. As in, before we had her, we could go a whole summer without getting into a pool. Not that we don't love to swim, we're just more of go-and-do people than lounge-and-swim people. Living near a body of water means it's important that this chick learns to tread water!

I was sitting on the chair next to her with my legs crossed and I looked over and...


Another shot of us by the pool...

...and on a boat.

Different boat day. This was on July 4th and my feet stayed propped up like this for oh, 5 seconds. Talk about seeing someone's highlight reel. ha.

Probably my favorite shot so far this summer is this one. I don't know what we did before this girl came into the world.

Okay, we've been swimming more than I even remembered this summer!  She gets her curlicues from me.

This never happens anymore, so when she fell asleep in the car on the way back from Walmart and stayed asleep on me while we sat on the couch, I had to remember it.  With drool and all.

Oh! I'm on Snapchat!  @jennasnaps7

Hope your summer has been as fun as ours! xo

new living room sectional.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

When we moved into this house, none of our old furniture fit quite right.  We sold our old leather couch and chair, as well as the sectional we had in our basement and bought a new sectional that fits much better in our new living room!

Sectional is this one from England Furniture, ordered from a local furniture outlet.  The fabric is hard to see but it's called Grande Linen and has a really great linen texture to it.  I'll get a better photo when the space comes together a little more.

We're getting new end tables soon (I'm so excited about them!) and we also need another chair.  The blue chairs look really good side by side on the non-chaise side of the sofa, but until we get another chair, the window wall looks so empty without something over there!  So one of the chairs is over there for now but I'm really not digging it.  The cheetah pillows are just placeholders - I think we need a pop of color on the sofa.

Anyway, just wanted to share some {small} progress on the decorating front! :)

a yawn is a silent scream for coffee.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ever since S2 was born, I've had this love affair with coffee.  Don't get me wrong, I was a daily coffee drinker before I got pregnant, but not quite in the same way that I am now.

I think it's a psychological thing.  I tried to stay away from caffeine altogether when I was pregnant.  I didn't drink coffee for 8 months, y'all!  But I didn't really want it.  In fact, it was not appealing to me at all.  But after I stopped breastfeeding, I was all GIMME ALL THE COFFEE.  2 years later and my coffee addiction hasn't waned.  Usually a cup of hot java in the am, and iced in the pm.

Anyway, I came across this quote the other day and literally laughed out loud.  "A yawn is a silent scream for coffee."  Truer words have never been spoken.  I promptly made a printable for you guys so all you coffee addicts out there can shout your love from the rooftops.  Or from a frame on your desk, whichever. :)

Just right click and save as to download.


home tour part iv: view from the street

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our landscapers finished up several weeks ago and now that the grass is finally coming in, I thought it was high time I share some full shots of the outside of our house.

It's not big or fancy (in fact, this house has less square footage than our last house), but it's perfectly suited for us.  I don't take for granted how lucky we are to have been able to build our "forever" home in our dream neighborhood.

We picked out every aspect of the house, from how many mullions each window had (none in the back, traditional in the front, craftsman mullions in my kitchen windows) to the floor coverings, to the kitchen cabinet knobs to each and every light fixture.  It was a labor of love, making all those decisions, and we are entirely pleased with the result.

Siding is James Hardie "Light Mist," stone is Centurion "Kentucky Ledge," brick is Statesville Brick "Casablanca Oversized." You can hardly see the brick in these photos, but I'll share photos of the back soon where the brick is the real star.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get a decent shot of the full back of the house... I may have to do some trespassing onto the neighbor's property. :)

The house is 2,277 square feet on the main floor, 600ish finished in the basement and another 750ish unfinished that we consider "Phase 2" and will finish at some point into a rec room, powder room and media room.

S2 already has her little domain in the back yard.  Living on the lake, we knew we would have to compromise on the yard.  As in, we don't really have a back yard at all, just the little mulch area where S2's swingset is and a narrow strip of grass.  We have a huge patio and deck though, so I don't think we'll be deprived of outdoor space.

See: narrow strip of grass.  Patchy at this point, but we're working on it. :)

The mulch bank off the patio, above, will eventually be covered with some type of plant material, although we're not sure what yet.

One of the things that people like to ask me is, what do you wish you would have done differently?  There are three things I've found so far:

1. We didn't take into account that the laundry room window is directly perpendicular to S2's bathroom and closet windows.  Her bathroom/closet windows have mullions, and the laundry room window doesn't.  It doesn't really bother me, but if I'd thought about the fact that they are so close together, I would have made them all match.

2. In the master bathroom, the drawers beside my sink can't be open when someone needs to come in the bathroom.  They block the swing of the door.  Not an issue when they're closed but I have to think about it in the morning when I get up before S1 so he doesn't come barging in the bathroom and knock the door into the drawers.  We couldn't really have done anything about that though, it's just the best layout for the vanity space.

3. We stained the front door to match the garage doors, but you can't really see the front door and the garage doors at the same time, so I wish we would have painted it to match the shutters (gray) or a different color altogether.  This will be remedied someday... when I talk S1 into it. :)

Okay, now to figure out how to get a decent shot of the back... :)

front porch dreams.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

All my life I've wanted a front porch made for swingin'.  Ploppin' down on the porch swing, sippin' some sweet tea, wavin' to the neighbors as they walk by on their evenin' stroll, watchin' S2 catch lightning bugs in the front yard, seein' the ferns blowin' in the breeze... this is what dreams are made of, my friends.

We're a couple swings short, but I can now check "get front porch ferns" off my bucket list.

This was before landscaping, which is now complete - I'll show you soon!

I won't talk about all the swearing it took to get the house numbers up and we only had one shot because the columns are PVC so holes are permanent and the numbers only came with the exact amount of anchors and those things are pieces of junk and the 6 might be hanging on by one screw, but we won't talk about it. :)

We're focusing on the back deck, for obvious reasons, so I don't know that the front porch will be swingable this summer, but I'm happy just to have my ferns. :)