Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was in the shower last night and had the idea to do a post about all of my guilty pleasures (don't all the best ideas come when you're in the shower?).  So here they are.

Watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls reruns on ABC Family.  I have our DVR set to record them and I usually spend all Saturday morning each week catching up on them.  I have seasons 1-3 on DVD, which I am planning on breaking out again the next few days.  That was the best show ever created and I was seriously upset when it was cancelled. :(  (Steven hates it because they talk too fast for him and he has a hard time keeping up.)

Any kind of dessert (powdered doughnuts, brownies, Oreos, cookies, etc etc) with a huge mug of milk.

Target!  Only the greatest store in the world.

Playing Collapse on Facebook.  That game is so addictive and I can't quit until I have the highest score of the day!  Sad, I know...


Martha Stewart.  The show, the magazine, the web site, everything!

Blog stalking.  I read blogs of people I don't even know, but other people's lives are so interesting that I just can't help it.

Setting the DVR to record all of my shows (so I never accidentally miss an episode), but then usually finding myself missing them on purpose and letting it record so I can watch them later and fast forward through the commercials.  It's really a time saver in the long run.  If you record an hour-long show, it's only 40 minutes without the commercials.

Watching it snow.  I could sit by the window for a long time just watching the snow.  We don't get that much snow in NC, so it's still a pretty novel thing to me up here in OH.

Coffee.  Coffee.  Coffee.

Reality shows.  Oh my gosh... Keeping up with the Kardashians, Guiliana & Bill, Jon & Kate + 8 (on DVD, before it got all depressing), 18 (19?) Kids & Counting, Jersey Shore, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, the list goes on and on

Window shopping at bookstores, especially Barnes & Noble.  I love looking at books and picking out what I want to read, but I don't normally buy them (unless I have a giftcard).  I don't know, I just think buying books is a waste of money when you can get them at the library for free.  And how often do you really read a book more than once?  I only buy the ones I know I'm going to read again (like Harry Potter).

This list could probably go on and on, but that's all I can think of for now. :)

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