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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I talked to the people who are looking for a full-time nanny yesterday.  I actually talked to both of them and then they asked me to come to their house to meet their children.  They seem like really sweet kids, and super nice people.  They said they had a few more candidates to interview, but that they would give me a call on Friday, at least just to check in if they hadn't made their decision yet.  I'm really excited about it and hope they choose me.  I felt pretty confident about it when I left, but who knows what the other candidates are like.

I signed up with an employment agency today.  They're supposed to be on the lookout for a job for me.  I was very unprepared for the "interview".  When the lady called me yesterday, she just said they'd like to meet with me and see if they could help me with my job search.  I guess it was just ignorance on my part, but I didn't take that to mean that I would have to fill out one of their applications, take a grammar and math test, and answer loads of questions about office-related injuries.  I thought I'd be there for 20 minutes, but I was there for over an hour, mostly just filling out paperwork.  I didn't know they'd need my social security card and everything either.  You'd think they would have told me all this when they called.  Sheesh, it was an ordeal.  Maybe they can find me something, but I'm not too hopeful about it.

I had another call with someone looking for a nanny today.  It sounds like a really interesting situation with their family.  It would be either a part-time or a full-time position, but if it was full-time, I would be responsible for doing more household-type things (grocery shopping, cleaning up, running errands, etc) while the child is doing his activities.  They have a maid service that comes once a week, so I don't think I'd have to clean their toilets, which is good.  He's supposed to call me back to set up an interview for this weekend.  These people are a lot closer than the other family (5-10 minute drive), but I still feel like the other family might be a better fit for me, even though they're about 40 minutes away.  I'm keeping my options open though and trying not to get my hopes up.

At least the job search is picking up now.  It was pretty stagnant there for a while, but I think people were just waiting until after the holidays to start hiring.  Hopefully I will have a job soon!

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