Parking problems

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Steven and I took a drive through the country today.  We wanted to take Lake Road, the road that runs parallel to Lake Erie, all the way to Cleveland (i.e. the long way around).  We just wanted to look at the lake houses and explore the area some more.  The houses are absolutely ridiculously humungous, and it's just fun to dream about having a house like those someday.

Our ultimate destination was Hard Rock Cafe, and after we found it (Steven refused to turn the GPS on, of course), we could NOT find any parking for the life of us.  We drove around the block about 5 times and finally found a parallel parking spot and turned our signal on, but the STUPID car in front of us decided it was going to take it and just started backing up on the highway to let the car that was leaving get out in front of it.  Finally we gave up and found a parking deck (had to pay $8 to park and we were there just a little more than an hour).

Well, when we left Hard Rock, we wanted to stop by a shopping center called Crocker Park, which is on the way home.  So we pulled in there, and yet again could not find a parking space.  I thought Steven was going to have a conniption.  We just don't have these problems in NC.  But we finally found a spot and all was well. 

On a weird note, we decided we wanted to get coffees at Starbucks in Barnes & Noble while we were there.  So I went up to the counter and ordered a vanilla latte for Steven and a mocha for me, and the lady behind the register asked me if it was for here or to go.  What does it matter?  They always put the drinks in to-go cups, it's not like they give you a mug or something.  Unless she's just taking statistics on how many people stay there to drink their coffee versus how many people get their coffee and leave.  But that doesn't seem like a very reliable method of statistic taking because people might change their mind.  Whatever, I told her it was for here.

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