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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Jenna Loves Martha!  I've always been interested in crafts, and I had an idea that I should blog about it to give me something to do.  So here we are!

I have a few objectives for this blog:
  1. Post crafts I've created based on Martha's ideas.  They may not all originate from Martha, but she's always my inspiration.
  2. Follow re-decorating or re-design projects in my home.  We're always doing something or getting something new, so maybe it will be helpful or interesting to some of you out there.
  3. Post anything Martha-related.

So onto my first JLM project!

My best friend got me a letter punch set for my birthday recently.  I set out to play around with the punches and I ended up with this Valentine's Day card!  My February issue of Living came today, with its cutesy Valentine's cover so I got inspired.  I was also inspired by the "Quilling" section of Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts: An A-to-Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration.  I wanted to try out quilling, but of course I didn't have a quilling tool lying around (does anyone?), so I used a pair of tweezers instead.  They didn't work quite as well as I suspect a quilling tool would, but they worked for my purposes.  Maybe I will invest in a quilling tool soon because the possibilities are endless, not to mention beautiful!

The Materials:  Paper (lightweight paper works best for quilling, heavy cardstock for the actual card), paper cutter (Encyclopedia of Crafts suggest you can get pre-cut quilling strips at a craft store, but I don't see the point in that), decorative scissors, glue stick, tweezers (or quilling tool), paper punches in letter shapes (or you could use stamps, or just write the message).

Cut quilling strips:
Petals and center of flower: 1/4" wide x 11" tall
Stem and leaves: 1/8" wide x 5 1/2" tall
My finished card was 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" so you can adjust the above measurements to match the scale of your card.

Quilling strips for flower:

Create quills:
Hold paper with tweezers (or quilling tool) and start wrapping the paper around until you reach the end of the strip.

I created marquis shaped quills for the petals and leaves.  After pulling the tight circle off the tweezers, lay it on your work surface and let it open up a little bit.  Then you can pinch each end to create this shape.  I think it looks like an eye.  Just glue the loose end down so the shape holds.  For the center of the flower, I pulled the tight circle off the tweezer and glued it together immediately without letting it open up.  For the stem, I took a strip and quilled a couple of turns on each end to create the shape.

Use the letter punches (or stamps) to create your message.

I used decorative scissors with a scalloped shape to edge the card.  After you do this, each element of the card can be glued down with a glue stick.

The finished product!  I used a few strips of white cardstock to edge the card and give it a little more visual interest.

I hope you like this simple project!  It only took about 30 minutes to complete, so it's great if you need a quick card for any occasion!  Just use different colors and it could be applied to any holiday or celebration.

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