New camera!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Steven and I ordered a new camera on Saturday.

Isn't she beautiful?

We were originally just shopping around for a standard point-and-shoot digital camera because my current camera has started adding mysterious black dots to all of my pictures, which is very annoying, as you can imagine.  I was having to Photoshop the black dots out of every photo, talk about time consuming.  Anywho, we were in Best Buy and started looking at the "super-zoom" cameras.  Not quite DSLR but much better than the compact cameras.  They really only had two to choose from, a Nikon and a Sony.  I really liked both of them, but being responsible consumers, we decided to do a little more homework before making a decision.  So Steven spent all Saturday night researching super-zoom cameras, and we decided to go with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35.  It's rated #2 on Consumer Reports and was also the cheapest of the ones we had it narrowed down to.  We found it for about $100 cheaper than the Nikon and $150 cheaper than the Sony (, you're our hero!).  And the Nikon and Sony weren't rated as high!  I'm psyched.  I am checking the "order status" approximately every hour to see if it has shipped yet (it hasn't).  Supposedly, they have a pretty fast shipping process, so I hope it gets here soon!

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