Oven emergency

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tonight, I was thawing chicken to make chicken fried rice, and I decided that I wanted to make some brownies for dessert.  So I got the package out, preheated the oven, and started mixing the batter.  I set the glass dish on the stovetop and was spraying it with cooking spray, when I noticed a light on in the oven.  I thought, "Hmm, that's weird" because I know I didn't turn the oven light on, so I started wondering how many days the light had been on without me realizing it.  But I opened the oven door to check it out, and the bottom heating element was fire-red and sizzling, just in one corner though (not red all over like normal).  So I immediately turned the oven off and thought that would solve the problem and we'd get maintenance in to fix it (dang renting!).  Well, I was on the phone with Steven asking him how to go about contacting maintenance when I noticed SPARKING in the oven.  SPARKING!  The element was practically on fire and sparks were traveling slowly around the whole thing.  Well, as most of you probably know, I'm completely terrified of fire.  I don't light matches.  I steer clear of bonfires.  We have a gas fireplace at our house in NC (much less scary than real wood... if we had a wood burning fireplace, that fireplace would be so clean you could eat off of it.  We would never light a fire.  Are you kidding me?  I'd have a panic attack.)  So you would think that I would make sure we had a fire extinguisher.  Well, you're wrong.  We DON'T have a fire extinguisher!  I guess I didn't think to pack it when we moved up here, so it's sitting safely under the kitchen sink in NC.  I didn't know what to do!  The oven was on FIRE!  So I grabbed the kitties and the computer, ran to our bedroom and shut the door behind me (if the oven was going to explode, I was going to be safely out of the way).  When the computer finally booted up (doesn't it know it's an EMERGENCY?!), I googled "what to do if oven is sparking" and read a few sites that said to cut the breaker and extinguish the fire (well, duh, but I can't think clearly when I'm worried about being burned alive!).  I went running out of our bedroom to find the breaker box and could not find it anywhere!  Steven finally got home and unplugged the oven, which stopped the sparking.  Thank goodness!  (BTW: the breaker box is in the garage, for future reference).

Apparently the element was burning out.  I put in a maintenance request so hopefully they will fix it TOMORROW.  On the plus side, we got to have Chinese takeout for dinner!  I love some chicken lo mein!

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  1. Too funny :) Something like this would so happen to me.