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Thursday, March 4, 2010

My predictions for the American Idol results show tonight:

So long Didi Benami, Haeley VaughnJohn Park (although he has improved, but not enough), and Tim Urban.  I'm kind of on the fence about Tim Urban though, just because he's so cute and looks get you pretty far, so if it's not him, then I think Alex Lambert should go (mostly because of his mullet - yuck!).

In other news, did you guys hear about the air traffic controller who brought his kids to work?  Click on the link for the full story, but to sum it up, the guy and his supervisor are both suspended because the guy let his kids relay messages to pilots.  Everyone seems to be freaking out about it being unprofessional and potentially harmful to airline passengers.  Okay, I'll give you unprofessional, maybe, but it's not like the dude set his kids loose in the tower to play around with the radio!  He was sitting right there telling them exactly what to say and jumping in when necessary.  I don't see what all the hoopla is about and I feel bad for the guy because he just wanted to show his kids what he does everyday and spend time with them, and I don't blame him.  I mean, he has a cool job.  And seriously, I'm tired of the media fishing for news stories.  All this story accomplished was freaking out potential passengers by making them think that kids are up in the tower running things.  Give me a break.

Update:  Our new camera arrived via FedEx late last week, and it is totally awesome!  I will upload some pics from it as soon as I have good ones to share.  But can you believe that the company we bought it from did not indicate it as a SIGNATURE REQUIRED package?  So FedEx just left it on our front porch, where it sat all day until I got home.  That was probably the most expensive thing I have ever ordered online and it sat outside, in the elements, where anyone could see it and take it, allll day!  This isn't FedEx's fault, but it just figures that it would be FedEx, as they are the most terrible shipping company in existence.  I'm loyal to UPS.  Although I would be loyal to them anyway, it is even better that they don't deliver to my neighborhood until about 6 p.m., when I am always home.  It's like they know how to please me, which FedEx does NOT.  Proof that FedEx sucks. 

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