Apparently, I can't have anything nice.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Earlier this week, Abbie knocked my first (and favorite) piece of pottery off of our end table, where it promptly shattered into a million pieces.  A couple weeks ago, she knocked two glass hurricane candle sticks off of the same end table, where the glass shattered, and the wood bases were chipped in a couple places (the first "decorative" items I ever got for our house).  Needless to say, I am not too happy with her.  But maybe I should learn my lesson and not put anything breakable on that end table?

So sad, isn't it? (Steven duct taped it back together for me so I could take a picture and hopefully get a replacement from the handmade pottery shop where I got it.  He's so sweet.)

Also, remember this shirt that I blogged about earlier this week?  Well, I got it today, and without going into details, let's just say that it now has a hole in it (I can't blame Abbie for this one, though).

Oh, and my two favorite tank tops (which both happen to be green, albeit different shades, and both happen to be part of particular outfit combinations), now have bleach stains on them (i.e. there are orange spots, where it used to be green).

Apparently, I can't have anything nice.

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