My productive weekend, and Happy Birthday Crystal!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have been very productive this weekend.  I spent yesterday morning cleaning the whole townhouse.  I cleaned the microwave, sink, moved everything off the counters and cleaned them, the coffee pot (it's never been so sparkling clean!), and swept and mopped the floors.  I also dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, and changed our sheets. 

Today, I worked out (go me!), rearranged our closet to fit some of my summer clothes in there, and cleaned up the guest bedroom (we tend to put stuff in there that we don't want to deal with, because out of sight, out of mind).  Then I proceeded to take a nap because I was worn out!  I never take naps.  I mean, never.  If I take a nap, I just wake up with a headache, feeling worse than I did before.  But my nap today was actually nice.

In other news, today is my best friend's birthday!  Weird to think that we were 10 years old when we met, and now we're 25!  I have no idea where 15 years went, geez.

Is this the most boring post ever?  I hope not.

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