Shirt Lust and Impromptu Math Lesson Because Apparently FedEx Likes to Waste Gas

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've been lusting after this shirt for months now:

I saw it at The Limited back in early January probably, but sadly, I didn't buy it.  However, I have thought about it ever since.  Well, last week, I had a coupon for 40% off any top that could only be used in the store (not online).  So I searched out a Limited that was on my way home from work and set out on a mission to get my coveted top.  After a quick detour to American Eagle (they had tees & tanks for $10!), I walked into The Limited.  After frantically searching the store, it came to my attention that the shirt had sold out.  Ahhh!  So I went home and just ordered it online, with an online coupon of only 15% off.  What a waste.  Anywho, I ordered it Sunday and it shipped on Tuesday.  When they sent me the tracking number, I instantly recognized it as FedEx (UPS tracking numbers all start with "1z..." in case you wanted to know).  When I tracked it on Tuesday, it said that it was at the FedEx location in Grove City, OH (after Google mapping it, I found out that Grove City is just south of Columbus, about 2.5 hours from where I live).  I thought "Great!  It should be here tomorrow!" but weirdly the expected delivery date was Saturday.  I thought maybe that was just a glitch and FedEx hadn't recalculated their time in transit for the package.  Well, I checked it yesterday, and it said the package was in Leetsdale, PA, approximately 3.5 hours from Grove City.  In case you need me to do the math, it could've already been on my doorstep with an hour to spare.  It was apparently shipped via FedEx Smartpost, which I hadn't heard of before, so I looked it up, and apparently FedEx has a deal with the USPS and Canada Post to use their delivery routes to deliver FedEx packages.  Well, this somewhat explains why it's taking so long, but seriously?  It would have taken 2.5 hours to get from Grove City to Avon, but instead, they went from Grove City to Leetsdale (and assuming there are no other unexplained stops) to Avon.  This is a total driving time of 6 hours, whereas it could've been straight to me from Grove City in 2.5.  Just another reason why FedEx sucks. 

I'm pretty impatient when it comes to ordering stuff online.  That's why I like to go to a store, pick something out, buy it, bring it home, and have it.  I'm an instant gratification junkie.  It's just hard to justify paying extra to have it instantly when there is always a discount code to be used online.  Ever been to Retail Me Not?  Don't buy anything online without checking that Web site for a discount code.  I've saved tons of money that way. 

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