So good to be home!

Friday, March 12, 2010

So we're in NC for a couple of days.  I walked into our house and I was like "Ahhh... space!"  I didn't realize how little of it we have in OH.  I guess I didn't notice it as much when we came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas because we hadn't been gone that long, but we haven't been home in over 2 months this time.  Although, our house is much emptier now without most of our stuff, so it may just look bigger than it normally does with all of our stuff in it.  Either way... hardwood floors + double vanity + king-sized bed + kitchen that can actually hold more than 1 person + garage big enough to actually open the car door all the way (both car doors at the same time, too!) = luxury.  Oh House, I miss you more than I realized!  I always have mixed feelings when I come home though, because while I love being in our house, it's only about half of our stuff, so I feel like it's not complete.  I can't wait until all of our things are reunited!  It will be happy reunion indeed.

I had to drive the 8+ hours down here by myself.  Steven flew down Wednesday morning so the kitties and I packed up the car and made the journey ourselves Wednesday afternoon.  Whoever runs the Travel Plazas off I-77 through West Virginia needs to seriously consider adding a few more on the southbound side.  I seriously think there is only ONE and it's probably more than halfway through WV.  Those places are so convenient because there's a gas station and a building with restrooms, a convenience store, and usually a fast food joint and a Starbucks.  Going northbound, I think there's one every 5 miles or so, or at least it seems like it.  I think they could have spread them out evenly on both sides because the southpound travelers have to pee too!  Anywho, I ended up stopping at some podunk rest area to pee, an extremelyyyyyy shady gas station in the back country of WV (I was seriously afraid for my life as you can probably imagine), and the busiest Mickey D's I've ever seen.  But we made it, while listening to The Memory Keeper's Daughter on CD (I've always wanted to read that book so I stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way out of town and bought it... listening to an audio book seriously makes the trip go by so much faster). 

We're heading back up on Sunday (and in case you were wondering, I'm making Steven drive the whole way since he got to fly down).

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