Ahh, what a lovely afternoon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today has been a glorious day!  I got to leave work at 11:30 and then went shopping to take back a pair of shorts I ordered online (ordering clothes online is always a tricky thing, but the deal I got couldn't be beat!).  I got them yesterday via UPS and they didn't fit at all and would have looked horrible if they had fit (even though they were the same size as the pair of jeans I ordered, which fit perfectly - go figure!).  I have found that it is really hard to find mid-length shorts this year.  I think I'm too old (not to mention self-conscious) to wear short shorts now (sad!) and bermuda shorts make me look even shorter than I am (I think you have to be tall to pull them off).  Well, I went to practically every other store in Crocker Park and finally found a pair of shorts that fit perfectly at Hollister, of all places.  I never shop there, but I figured I had nothing to lose.  Then I got lunch at McDonald's (I needed a break from all the healthy eating... I haven't drunk anything other than water in 2 weeks!  That's got to be some sort of record for me.), came back here and watched 90210 and Glee from last night while I let my McNuggets settle.  After Glee, me and my iPod ran on the treadmill and did the elliptical - go me!  Then I came back and read the May issue of Martha Stewart Living.  All in all, pretty much the perfect day.

Okay, now that you've all had the play-by-play of my day, I must watch America's Next Top Model and wait for Steven to get home!  I haven't seen him in 5 days!

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