Exciting things ahead!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have big plans this week.  I'm going into a hair salon on Thursday and coming out a changed woman!  That is, if I don't chicken out.  I haven't been to a "real" salon in quite a long time (Great Clips doesn't count), so I'm excited.  I've never been afraid of being adventurous with my hair, and now that I have a job where appearances don't really matter, I'm free to do what I want.  Don't worry, it's nothing too crazy (I'm not shaving all my hair off or anything!). 

I'm glad they were able to fit me in before this weekend, though.  You know why?  CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT SATURDAY NIGHT IN TOLEDO!!! 

Woo hoo!!!

Steven and I bought these tickets months ago, and the day is finally here!  We're sitting SIXTH ROW CENTER (and we paid an arm and a leg to get that close so it had better be worth it).  Steven is hoping she's wearing something like this so he might get a show...

Hard to tell from this pic, but the V-neck goes all the way down to her belly button, not to mention how short this thing is.

Exciting things ahead!  Carrie in 4 days, and Vegas in 12 days!

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