Healthy Living Initiative

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Steven and I have decided that it is time to be more healthy.  We have cut soft drinks completely out of our diets and we're eating a healthy lunch everyday (turkey wraps or whole grain bagels, salads with fat free dressing, fruit, yogurt, granola).  It has actually been pretty fun.  We bought all sorts of healthy snacks at the grocery store and tons of fruit (although Walmart didn't have any green grapes... wtf?).  We haven't totally revamped our dinner routine yet, though, but I feel like we eat pretty healthy dinners anyway.

We were walking around Sam's last weekend, looking through the DVDs, and I found this one:

I love this show and thought this looked like fun, so I bought it.  I tried it out for the first time yesterday.  O... M... G... it was hard.  I did Lacey's Jive and she just about killed me.  I felt like I kept up with the moves pretty well (I should really video myself so I can see how stupid I actually look when I think I'm doing well), but it was so MUCH and she didn't really explain how to do the moves.  I guess you were just supposed to see her do it and then be able to copy her.  I felt like she was having me a do a full-blown routine!  They should really advertise on the front that this DVD is not for beginners.  I've never done a workout DVD that actually made sweat drip off of me (I don't sweat easily).  It was really fun though.  I'd like to see Steven try to do it... I could probably send that video in to America's Funniest Home Videos and win the $100,000.  Ha!  Just kidding! (Or am I...)

Steven and I have also been walking around the track at our apartment complex every day after work, which has been fun.  It has been so nice outside.  We've kept it up for a week and a half now, so I hope we stick to it.  If I get home early enough to beat the after-5 traffic, I like to go to our workout room and run on the treadmill or do the elliptical.  If I don't get there before 5, the place is swamped with big sweaty men and I don't want to have to fight any of them for the machines.  We have a treadmill, but it's in NC because I think we've only used it a handful of times since we bought it, so we figured there was no need to lug it up here unnecessarily, but now I wish we had.

I've also used this healthy living initiative as an excuse to finally update my iPod.  I got it for Christmas in 2008, and have probably only listened to it a few times because I just couldn't seem to find the time to really get my mp3s organized.  Well, they were organized as far as genre, but I really wanted to go back and add in all the album names because iTunes will find the cover art and attach it to the mp3 so you have a cool little picture of the album when the song comes on.  Seriously, this is why I haven't listened to my iPod in probably a year, because it wasn't organized exactly to my liking.  Am I weird?  Anywho, now I have added in ALL the album names, except for the rap songs because I'm leaving that up to Steven as most of those are his.  It has taken me quite a long time (I think I have close to 1200 mp3s) but now I feel like I've really accomplished something.  Ahh... organization!  So the next task is importing all of our CDs!  I'm on the B's (loading now... Backstreet Boys' Millennium... oh year 2000, how I miss thee!).

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