Neener neener neener

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It is 79 degrees outside right now, and I'm wearing shorts and flip flops and loving it.  It's supposed to get back down in the upper 40s this weekend, though.  I'll be back to jeans and closed-toed shoes (sad!).  I am so ready to retire my winter wardrobe.

In other news, since I called in sick on Monday, this week has gone by really fast!  Can't believe it's already Thursday.  I'm pretty much back to 100% health, just in time for the weekend!  Not that we have any plans.  But maybe we'll do something fun!

A little randomness for your afternoon:

I was looking through my pictures and came across this one:

Josh & Crystal.  Doesn't Josh look like he's getting ready to knock me out for taking his picture?  Ha!

Also, let's see how many photos I can post of myself wearing the same shirt/necklace combination.
Chicago, June 2008

Biltmore House Gardens, August 2008

Walt Disney World (obvs), May 2009

Granted, the Biltmore one is a different color, but it's the same shirt.  I just love that $3 apple necklace!  It is really cute and I still do wear it quite often.

Anywho, have a great day!!  I'll be outside with the kids enjoying this lovely afternoon, while most of you (if anyone is actually reading this) will be inside office buildings and schools.  Neener neener neener (imagine sing-song voice, with my thumbs on my cheeks).  :)

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