Sick day 2

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remember this post from Friday?  The one where I had big plans to accomplish something this weekend?  Well, turns out I've been sick.  Can you believe it?  Sick again.  That's the second time in a month or two.  It totally sucks.  I did manage to clean the bathrooms and vacuum, and I felt decent enough yesterday afternoon to run a couple of errands.  Oh, and I did plan my whole wardrobe for Vegas (although I desperately need some black wedge sandals).  Okay, so maybe I have been fairly productive, but I've felt like crap while doing it.

But I've been a major couch potato today.  I've watched a couple of movies and countless episodes of Heroes.  I think I need to get off the computer and lie down again... my head is swimming.

There's good news, though... The Amazing Race comes on tonight!  I love that show!

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