United States Postal... what? Service? No way.

Friday, April 16, 2010

When we moved up here last October, I signed up to have our mail forwarded through the USPS.  It recently came to my attention that not all of our mail is actually being forwarded.  In fact, instead of forwarding our mail to us, they are returning it to sender, with a note that says "recipient is temporarily unavailable."  We know of 2 instances, but I'm sure there are many more.  If we weren't getting any of our mail, that would be a different story, but the fact they are choosing which pieces of mail to forward and which to return to sender is just... unacceptable (I looked for a stronger word than that, but "unacceptable" was all I could come up with).  One of these pieces of mail was actually a bill for Steven's last dentist visit (Steven's dentist doesn't file insurance, so his insurance has to pay him directly, and then he has to pay the dentist).  Well, when Steven called to make an appointment for a cleaning since he was going to be in town, they told him that they have tried to send him this bill 3 times and it has been returned 3 times.  I don't think any late fees were assessed since we never actually got the thing, which was good, but GEEZ.  Of all the things to NOT forward.  We receive all of our other bills like clockwork, but they're all direct-drafted so it doesn't really matter. 

Also, while writing this blog post, I found another missing piece of mail, so make that THREE instances.  I have a subscription to Real Simple magazine and noticed last week that I haven't gotten one in a while (by "a while" I mean since January.  Yeah, I'm a little slow to notice things.  Also, if you've never read that mag, you should.  It is awesome.)  Anywho, I was getting mad at them because they never sent me anything asking me to renew, they just stopped coming.  But I logged on to their Web site to check it out and saw that my subscription is good through 2011.  Well, I called them and of course they showed no problem with the delivery but I got them to extend my subscription by 3 issues.  Then I went back to the Web site and changed my address, just to be sure that I get them in the future.  But that probably won't take effect until the July issue.  Great.  And seriously, why did the USPS forward the November, December, and January issues but decide to stop with February?  This makes no sense.  Thankfully, I have changed over all my other magazine subscriptions because I can't live a month (much less three!) without Martha.

If there was any way to get around the USPS, you better believe that I would!  Why can't all pieces of mail just be delivered UPS?  Ahh, what a utopian society that would be.

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