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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have quite a few things on my mind today.

First of all, as I've said before, Ohioans can't drive.  Okay, maybe it's not just Ohioans because there are plenty of North Carolinians who can't drive either, but I've noticed it more since being up here.  On Saturday, we were driving around Cleveland and we were at a stoplight waiting to turn left.  The light turned green (but not green arrow), and the car behind us starting honking!  Helloooo, there were cars coming the other way, so unless we wanted to die, we could not turn.  Idiot.  And yesterday, as I was driving home from work, another idiot in a blue Ford Focus pulled out in front of me (turning left), causing me to slam on my brakes and give him a long honk of my horn.  Then, as he was turning, he stuck his middle finger out of his window at me.  At ME!  If anyone should have been gigging anyone, I should have been gigging HIM!  But lucky for him, I don't do that sort of thing.  But seriously?  I don't see any way that I could have been at fault for that.  I tend to get more mad at people driving Focuses anyway, because I drove one for 8 years and I know they operate just fine.

Secondly, the finale of LOST was Sunday night.  I had to DVR it and I watched it last night.  Oh my gosh, it was the hardest thing yesterday to avoid hearing anything about it.  I couldn't listen to any radio stations yesterday morning or watch any TV.  Anywho, I've been thinking about it all day.  I can't seem to figure it out, but I really expected nothing less of LOST.  I knew they weren't going to explain anything in lamen's terms, but they could have been a little bit more straightforward.  ***SPOILER ALERT*** So I'm assuming they all died in the plane crash and spent the last six seasons in purgatory, with Jacob being God and The Man in Black being the antichrist.  Okay, I get that.  But what I don't get is why Desmond, Juliette, Penny, and Ben were all present in the church at the end.  They weren't on the plane.  Penny wasn't even on the island!  And this whole flash sideways thing that's been going on this season makes no sense at all.  I don't understand why their lives would be any different than when they boarded the plane in Sydney.  Why would Sawyer be a cop, or Jack have a son, or Daniel be born into an entirely different family?  Maybe I'm not deep enough to grasp the meanings, but it's going to haunt me until I find an explanation that makes sense.  I think maybe I'll google it and see what other people think it means.

We're going to a Cleveland Indians game tonight!  I heard they're pretty terrible, but we have to support them because of our geographic location.  In our hearts, though, we are Cubs fans.  I figure we're not cheating on the Cubs because they're in different leagues, so the Indians are our AL team and the Cubs are our NL team.  I think that's fair.  Our seats come with FREE FOOD too, which is an awesome bonus and means I don't have to cook tonight!  Woo hoo!  Actually, since Steven's dad and uncle have been staying with us, I've enjoyed cooking dinner every night.  It's fun for someone else to eat my cooking besides Steven.

We went to the zoo on Saturday, so I'm planning on posting some pics of that as soon as I get them loaded onto the laptop.  I've been far too busy trying to catch up on 2 weeks worth of shows that I missed while we were in Vegas and NC.  I'm still very behind.  And we're going to be in NC again next week, which will put me even FURTHER behind.  Still haven't watched the finale of Grey's Anatomy, which I heard was amazing, and I've totally gotten out of the loop on American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, although I'm pulling for Lee on AI, and I have been since the beginning.  Crossing my fingers that he wins!

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