Las Vegas

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So, onto a play-by-play of our short-lived Las Vegas trip!

First, a few videos.  Steven planned on taking videos of the whole trip, but somehow, once we were at our hotel, the Flip video camera never came out again.  So these few are the whole "documentary."

Riding in style!

On the gondola ride inside The Venetian!

Our gondolier!  The inside of The Venetian was gorgeous.  It looked like you were walking on real Italian streets, and the sky (i.e. the ceiling) was just amazing.

I just posted this pic to make you all jealous.  It was sunny and 80 degrees the whole time we were there.

Mission on our first day:  Lay by the pool until we look like lobsters.  (Ed. note:  Mission accomplished!)

The view of our hotel from poolside.

Steven and I outside the Luxor.

Getting ready to head to Aria for dinner!

A blurry New York, New York via taxi.

At Cafe Vettro in Aria.  It was a really cool contemporary restaurant where I had an excellent sausage pizza.

Doesn't this pic look all artistic because Joe's shirt matches the flowers?  Totally unplanned!

Posing in front of a wall of water at Aria.

Angela and Joe at Top of the World.  It's a restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere that spins a full 360 degrees while you eat.  So you get to see all of Vegas.  It was very cool, but it spins faster than I thought it would, so I had to make sure to keep my eyes on our table or else I got dizzy.  I had a $60 steak, which was good, but you're definitely paying for the atmosphere and not the food.

Steven and me at Top of the World.

There's our hotel as seen from Top of the World!  I think I had the camera zoomed in all the way because our hotel was pretty much the furthest away from the Stratosphere, I think.

The Las Vegas strip.  So pretty!

Steven waiting for the Sirens of TI show to start at Treasure Island.

Sirens of TI.  Parents:  Be warned, this show is not for children!


The view from our table at Mix Lounge, which was on the 64th floor of THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.  Probably the coolest bar I've ever been to.

A better view.

The ladies' bathroom at Mix  (I know, weird, but it was so cool that I couldn't resist!).  The door is behind the toilet, so you have to walk around to sit down and then you have this awesome view of the main part of Mandalay Bay.

Another pic of the bathroom stall.

Somehow, I missed taking any pictures of our room at Mandalay Bay, but it was pretty nice.  I did snap some pics of our room at Bellagio, but seeing as how we didn't even get to spend the night there, I don't really consider that part of our trip.  We had a really good time, though.  Steven didn't lose too much playing poker, and I was pretty lucky with Wheel of Fortune (and have found my love for Roulette!).  We're planning to go back soon and finish our trip, so to speak.  We didn't get to do a lot of things we had planned on doing, like seeing Le Reve at the Wynn!  We had to come back for Sharon and I'm glad we did, but the disappointment got the better of me while we were at the airport waiting for our plane.  I saw a huge ad for O (the Cirque du Soleil show at Bellagio), and pretty much sobbed for half an hour.  I'm not proud of that fact, but it happened.  So, while Las Vegas and the passing of Sharon were two totally separate events, they will forever be entwined in my mind.  I just hope nothing bad happens the next time we're out there, or I'm never going back.

Vegas 6 from Jenna Pennell on Vimeo.
Vegas 4 from Jenna Pennell on Vimeo.
Vegas 3 from Jenna Pennell on Vimeo.

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