Weekend fun

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We had a fun weekend.  Steven and I went garage sale-ing on Saturday and found this awesome roulette game (it has craps on the other side) for $11!  I think we're going to use it as art in our game room rather than as a functional roulette table, but I think it will look perfect hanging on the wall.

That night, we went to a drive-in movie!  It was the first one we had ever been to and it was kinda cool.  You paid $8 per person and got to see a double feature.  The first movie didn't start until 9:45 (obviously it has to be completely dark before the movie can start), and the second one didn't start until after midnight.  We saw Grown-Ups (don't waste your time) and The Karate Kid.  I fell asleep near the end of Grown-Ups (it was that boring), woke back up for Karate Kid, but then couldn't keep my eyes open past 1:30.  I was disappointed because Karate Kid was actually pretty good.  I used to stay up until 3 a.m. and think nothing of it, but not anymore!  They had two screens - Toy Story 3 and Furry Vengeance were on the other one.  They were positioned facing each other on opposite ends of the property, and you weren't supposed to watch the one you didn't pay for, but really nothing stopped you.  If they caught you, though, you'd be thrown out.  All you had to do was tune your radio to the right station and you were set.  It was pretty cool, though, but I know next time to take a long nap before we go.

Sunday afternoon, there was a really weird storm that came through.  It was raining so hard that rain started coming in the cracks of our windows!  Then when the sun was setting, I guess the light or some gases or something got caught underneath the clouds and turned everything orange.  It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

These photos have not been tampered with.  This was the actual color of the sky.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. The Karate Kid was cute! I liked it a lot, and not just because there are a lot of Asian people in it :) On your suggestion, I will avoid Grown Ups. Those pictures look awesome! It's been HOT, HOT, HOT here with the occasional storm. It's definitely the right summer to spend in Ohio.