What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've decided to start documenting my outfits like Lindsey over on The Pleated Poppy does.  If anything, this will stop me from wearing the same boring stuff over and over.  At least, I hope.  We shall see how long I can keep this up before I get bored with it or just forget.

I'm putting how old the items are in parentheses, so in case you want to go looking for something I'm wearing, chances are it's very old and can no longer be found in stores.  I don't want to get anyone's hopes up.  Although, really, my clothes aren't that interesting.  (I consider "new" anything I've gotten in the last six months.)

Day: Thursday
Where: Work
Hat, Earrings, Long Necklace: Target (hat & necklace: 2 years old, earrings: new)
Apple Necklace: American Eagle ($3!, 3-4 years old)
Tank: Reebok ($7 at Dick's!, new)
Shorts: Express (new)
Shoes: Old Navy (1 year old)

Day: Friday
Where: Work
Cardigan: Liz Claiborne (last Christmas)
Tank: Old Navy (old, can't remember)
Shorts: American Eagle (6 years old)
Shoes: Rainbow (5 years old)

Day: Saturday
Where: Garage sale-ing, other errands (Okay, I know I may have been a little too fancy for garage sale-ing, but I have to wear grungy clothes to work everyday so I like to look a tad nicer on the weekends!)
Necklace: Gift from my friend Crystal (6 years old?)
Shirt: Gap (3 years old)
Tank: American Eagle (last Christmas)
Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger (5 years old)
Shoes: Bass (2 years old)

Day: Saturday Night
Where: Drive-in Movie!
Shirt: Gap (3 years old)
Tank: American Eagle (last Christmas)
Jeans: American Eagle (last Christmas)
Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider (1 year old)

Day: Sunday
Where: Lunch and Walmart
Earrings: American Eagle (1 year old)
Shirt: Gap (new)
Shorts: American Eagle (2 years old)
Shoes: New Balance (new)

Day: Monday
Where: Work
Shirt: The Disney Store (It says "Be Adorable. Be Sweet." on the front, and "BE MINNIE!" on the back.) (new)
Skirt: Old Navy (new)
Shoes: Rainbow (3 years old)

Day: Tuesday
Where: Work
Shirt: Peaches Corner, Myrtle Beach, SC (new)
Shorts: American Eagle (2 years old)
Shoes: Rainbow (5 years old)

Day: Wednesday
Where: Work
Necklace: American Eagle (3 years old)
Tank: Old Navy (new)
Jeans: American Eagle (new)
Shoes: Rainbow (5 years old)

And just for a little fun... a bonus picture.

Maggie wondering what the heck I'm doing taking pictures of myself in the closet.  Plus a better shot of my necklace and shoes from Thursday.


  1. you are adorable! and the pic of you with bangs looks like an entirely different person! thanks for joining in!

  2. Cute post! My daily outfits aren't cute or original enough to post everyday. You're so lucky you get to dress so casual and comfortable for work.

  3. I'm glad you joined WIWW! I am in it for the same reason, to stop wearing the same things over and over again.

    I love how you mix up your hair!

    I'm your newest follower.


  4. @Poppy: Thanks! The bangs are a new addition and mostly just get on my nerves so I keep them off my face most of the time. I've figured out I can only stand them about once a week.

    @Nellie: As you can see, my outfits aren't cute most days either, but doing this definitely makes me think about it more. One of the things I love most about my job is I can wear whatever I want. After 2.5 years of dressing up for work (and only having casual Friday for the last year!), I definitely don't take it for granted.

    @Justine: Thanks for following me! My hair is my most versatile asset. Plus it doesn't act the same way every day so it kind of chooses how it wants to look. It has a mind of its own.