Bathing Suit

Friday, July 23, 2010

I've been coveting this bathing suit (or as the 2-year-old I spend my days with says, "baby suit") for a long time:

I got an e-mail last week saying they were having a 25% off sale for a few days, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered it.  I had to order the top and bottom separately (I got regular bikini bottoms, not the boy shorts shown in the photo).  Anywho, they came in the mail today!  The print is even prettier in person and I absolutely love it.  Problem is, the top is too small.  If you go to the link above, you can see that it specifically says that the top runs 1/2 size bigger, so I thought I was pretty safe in ordering an extra small, and it wouldn't be too tight.  Well, I was wrong.  It is SO tight.  I mean, I feel indecent wearing it.  I can't imagine how small an XS would be if it didn't run 1/2 size bigger.  The neckline also fits a little weird.  I think you have to have a larger chest to pull it off because there's extra fabric there that I think shouldn't be.  So, I'm exchanging it for this one in a small:

I'm hoping the v-neck will alleviate the extra space in the chest area, or at least make it less noticeable, but I know I won't fill it out as well as the model does.  That's okay by me.  I'm crossing my fingers that this one will work, because if not I'll have to return it and be very sad.  This is the problem with e-commerce.  It's too much dern trouble!  (Yes, I just said dern.)  If you go into a store, you can try on every size and style and leave the store knowing that you have exactly what you want.  That's why I usually just stick with ordering things that I don't have to worry about fitting, like accessories.

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  1. Very cute! Glad you didn't go with the boyshorts although boyshorts would look good on you! They really don't look good on the girls who think they have to wear them. Cuts them at the wrong place.