Big Brother 12 - 2

Friday, July 9, 2010

So last night on Big Brother, we found out that a "Saboteur" was among the houseguests.  This person's objective is not to win the $500,000, but to sabotage the other contestants.  Their goal is to make it 5 weeks, at which point they will receive $50,000.  I guess if the person makes it that far, then they will leave the house?  I would assume so.  Anywho, the saboteur's identity is a well-kept secret, which of course makes the houseguests trust no one.  I personally think it's Andrew.  I hope they reveal it to us soon because it will make the game more fun for America if we're in on the joke. 

Hayden won HOH and promised to not put Matt up on the block.  Andrew also can't be nominated because he was the mascot in the competition.  It will probably be two people from the yellow team:  Annie, Kathy, Rachel, Brendon, Ragan, or Lane (hmm, not sure about Lane, can't remember which team he was on).  I hope Rachel and Kathy go up because they seemed to be pretty weak players in the competition.

Steven called DirecTV today and cancelled our sports package (it doesn't work half the time anyway), and got Showtime so we can watch Big Brother After Dark!  It's on everyday, midnight to 3 a.m.  No, I'm not staying up that late to watch it, but I will set the DVR!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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