Big Brother 12!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's that time again!  Big Brother premieres tonight at 8/7c on CBS.  I think there are some interesting characters in the house this year.  I watched all of their videos on and my favorites are Lane (24, oil rig salesman) and Matt (32, web designer).  Lane just seems like a pretty cool, laid back guy, and Matt seems funny (think Mike Boogie from a couple seasons ago). 

My least faves are Enzo (32,  insurance adjuster), Kristen (24, boutique manager), and Monet (24, model).  I think Enzo has a high probability of being evicted first.  He's Italian, and from Jersey (think The Situation from Jersey Shore), and generally pretty annoying and the video of him was only two and a half minutes long.  Kristen has lazy eyelids which gets annoying (I don't know if she can't help it or what but it seems like it's just the way she talks.  She doesn't open her eyes all the way!) and said she has always liked the premises of the show (I assume she means premise and not the actual location of the studio).  Monet is a model (gag) and said she hopes Big Brother gives her some publicity for her modeling career.  At least she's honest.

So I thought I'd make a list, based solely on my first impression of them from their video, of the order in which I think the houseguests should be evicted.  My impressions are probably completely wrong, but we shall see!  I've also put a short description of them in parentheses.

1)  Enzo (Jersey Italian)
2)  Kristen (Ditzy)
3)  Monet (Model)
4)  Hayden (Jock)
5)  Rachel (Big boobed chemist)
6)  Ragan (Token gay guy)
7)  Britney (Blonde)
8)  Kathy (Middle-aged deputy sheriff)
9)  Brendon (Jock)
10)  Andrew (Jewish podiatrist)
11)  Lane (Jock)
Final 2:  Annie (Bisexual) and Matt (Tattooed)

The only reason I didn't put Lane and Matt in the final two is that I'm hoping a woman makes it that far.

P.S. Join my Big Brother Fantasy League group (Jenna's BB12)!  I'm a loser, I know.

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