Wedding nostalgia

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Steven found one of our wedding DVDs today and insisted that we watch it tonight.  We haven't seen it since we got it a couple months after our wedding almost three years ago.  It's really awkward to see ourselves on video.  We say some really stupid things.  It is nice to see my Nana and Sharon, though.  But I really just want to turn it off and not watch it again until our kids insist on seeing it before their weddings.  My bridesmaids dresses will probably be so old-fashioned (I can see it now... "Red?!  Mom, what were you thinking?!)!  I hope my wedding dress is classic, but who knows what the style will be in 20+ years.  However, if my daughter does want to wear it one day, it is sealed up tightly against bugs and water and rests peacefully on the top shelf of our closet.  I like looking at it sometimes.  (Well, not so much anymore because I can't reach it, but it used to reside on the floor of the guest bedroom.)  It's in a box that has a clear window so I can see it.  It's on a little bust so it keeps the shape of the boobs.  Not that my boobs have much shape, but still.  It was so fun planning our wedding, but I wish I had enjoyed it more.  I think everyone probably says that, though. 

Totally impromptu pic in the hallway of the church, which turned out to be my fave of the day.

Close-up of my dress.

Perhaps I'll post some more pics of our wedding someday, but for now, I'm tired and we have to get up early for church in the morning.

Happy July 4th, y'all!

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