100 Things I Love: 26-50

Friday, August 13, 2010

In continuance of the celebration of my 100th blog post, here are things I love numbers 26 through 50.  Again, in no particular order...

26.  North Carolina
27.  Coupons!
28.  Johnny Depp
29.  Christina Aguilera
30.  The Amazing Race
31.  Appalachian State University
32.  Electric blankets
33.  When things go my way
34.  Breakfast foods (cereal, pancakes, waffles, sausage, eggs, etc... I could really eat breakfast for every meal)
35.  Owls
36.  Hot tubs
37.  Massages
38.  Fires (only in fireplaces or a controlled bonfire, and I must not be the one responsible for it)
39.  Dr. Pepper
40.  Picture frames
41.  Scrapbooking
42.  Gerbera daisies
43.  Pretzel dogs
44.  Corn dogs
45.  Okay, anything that contains a hot dog (beanie weenies included)
46.  Organizing
47.  CoverGirl Aqua Smooth foundation
48.  Stila eye shadow
49.  Sephora
50.  These shoes.  Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but the pewter color is surprisingly versatile!

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