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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am so addicted to blogs that I think it's starting to become a sickness.  I would rather read blogs than do just about anything else.  There's so much inspiration out there that I feel there aren't enough hours in the day to take it all in.  I read blogs while the kids are napping, then I read some more when I get home at night.  Actually, I was so into reading blogs on Sunday while Big Brother was on that I pretty much missed out on the whole episode.  Luckily, Steven was able to fill me in. 

I see so many awesome DIY projects on blogs that my mind is constantly spinning with the possibilities.  Last night, I tried to convince Steven we needed to paint our concrete front stoop because I read Centsational Girl's Curb Appeal: Eight Weekend DIY Projects.  He said "What color would we paint it?" and apparently my thought process hadn't gotten this far because I had no answer for him.  Eventually I said a brownish/reddish color to match the brick.  I love our black french front doors with black and red stained glass, so I knew I didn't want to paint our doors, there's no room for seating of any kind (must have for our next house: front porch!), I love our light fixture, we have planned to replace our boring white garage doors at some point, but not in the immediate future, so the best/cheapest option was to paint our stoop.  I'm a little noncommital, so this would be a big step for me.  But we're hoping to get some professional landscaping done (neither of us has a very green thumb), so maybe at that point we would think about sprucing up the stoop.  I've never really decorated our stoop other than a few pumpkins at Halloween, so I'm making it a priority to give our stoop some curb appeal.

My mom and stepdad came up to visit us this past weekend, and we had fun hanging out with them.  They recently moved into a new house that doesn't have a front porch or even a deck (just a patio and screened porch out back), so they're giving us the rocking chairs they had on their old front porch!!!  Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you how excited this makes me!  We have been eyeing rocking chairs for our deck for a long long time, but haven't wanted to fork up the money.  We might actually end up putting them on the patio below our deck because they will rock more smoothly, but we'll see what we think when we get them.  Right now, they are unfinished and will probably need a good pressure washing and a coat of paint (I'm thinking glossy black to match our shutters and front door (even though you can't see either the shutters or the front door from the back of the house, but I like to be consistent, okay?).  Just thinking about them is making me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I'm trying to think of a cheap (ok, free) project for the next two weekends since Steven will be out of town.  I will probably get out all of my fall stuff (even though my favorite fall-colored vase met its maker a few months ago, which still makes me very sad), and do some rearranging.  I'm really ready to pull my Halloween stuff out, but I will resist for another month or so. 

Also, I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog in the next few months (probably not before November), but am sort of stumped.  When I started this blog in January, it was going to be strictly personal, with my other blog Jenna Loves Martha being the crafty one.  Well, since I've decided to merge the two, I need a new all-inclusive name.  Any thoughts?

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