Coat Closet Makeover

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our coat closet in NC has been in need of a makeover ever since we moved in three years ago.  When we were home for a week over Memorial Day, I decided I'd finally tackle it.  The main problem was that the shelf and rod were so low that the space above it was just wasted.  When we were living there full time, this is where I stored all of our mops, brooms, and the vacuum.  Our coats hung so low that it was hard to maneuver the vacuum in and out and it was just dysfunctional.  I also wanted somewhere to put our mail (so it doesn't collect on the kitchen counter (Steven can tell you how big of a pet peeve this is for me), and a designated place to put my purse when I get home.  I used to put it in a basket by the couch, then I started putting it on the top shelf of the closet, but nowhere was really working for me.  I need it to be out of sight, but still accessible.

The Before:

Keep in mind we aren't living here, hence why the closet is so bare.  Imagine lots of coats and a vacuum in here.


I painted it Terra Cotta Red (to match the throw pillows on our couch, plus I just love this color!), and moved the rack up at least a foot.  I bought nice wooden hangers (*swoon*) at Walmart, plus two inexpensive shelving units at Target (stacked).  I also got the two baskets at Target (we have two more baskets just like these in Ohio that will probably make their way in this closet too).  The middle shelf will be where my purse will go (yay!).  We also installed 3 hooks onto the door for lightweight items (umbrellas, hoodies, etc).  I decided that the new home for the mops and brooms will be in the garage.  This closet is too pretty now to clutter it up with that kind of stuff.  The vacuum will still live in here when we get back, though.

I painted the inside of the pantry, which is right beside the coat closet, this color as well.  I can't tell you what a difference it makes.  Okay, maybe not everyone who comes over will see the inside of my closets, but as long as I know they're fabulous, I'm happy.

Paint:  $15
Hooks:  $6
Shelves:  $26
Baskets:  $26
Hangers:  $10
TOTAL:  $83

Not too bad.

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