Lost ring... Found! And The Bachelorette finale is tonight...

Monday, August 2, 2010

So look what I found when I happened to look in a random pocket of one of my purses the other day:

I really thought I had lost it.  I love to find hidden things in my purse!  I don't use this purse as much as I used to, and I guess I never thought it would be in here.  Yay!

On a different note, the season finale of The Bachelorette is tonight.  I just hope Ali chooses Chris.  I think they're so cute together!  I'm already preparing myself for the marathon episode (seriously, 2 hours is toooo much), where Chris Harrison tells you what's going to happen in the whole next segment before each commercial break ("Coming up next on The Bachelorette..."  Thanks Chris, but I would prefer to be surprised, so I don't have to watch the same thing twice.  That really gets annoying.)  Anywho, I will probably take a nap first because I'm a little sleep deprived (even though I just had four days off work - go figure).  I don't even remember my first two alarms going off this morning... good thing I set three!  But I got ready in 10 minutes and had time to stop by Caribou Coffee for a Monday morning mocha (oooh, I should trademark that phrase and sell the rights to them).

I think my sleepiness this morning can be contributed to our sheets.  We have two sets of sheets for our bed.  Steven really likes one and I really like the other.  The one he likes is 400 thread count, I think, and really silky feeling, even though it's only cotton.  The one I like is 250 thread count modal (seriously, you would never know it's only 250 - modal is sooo soft!).  Anywho, I washed both sets this weekend and put the modal ones on... those sheets make it so hard to get out of bed in the morning because they are so soft and so warm and oh so cozy.  It almost makes me not want to put them on our bed because of the risk of oversleeping.  Just thinking about them is making me tired.  Oh modal sheets, how I love thee!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Some people have this nervous habit of picking fuzz-balls off of things. I wonder if those sheets contribute to the fuzz-ball pile/