So Ali chose Roberto.  Not really surprising but I did feel bad for Chris.  And I can't believe Frank didn't show up for the After the Final Rose special... what a coward!  The new series "Bachelor Pad" starts next Monday.  I'm a little unclear on the premise, other than ex-bachelors and bachelorettes are living in a house together and competing for money.  Not sure what the competitions entail or how they get eliminated.  I guess I will just have to tune in and see! 

I came across the web site I Can Has Cheezburger today.  It has funny pictures and videos of cats, with clever captions.  Check it out... it's a total time suck.

In more serious news, did you hear about the teens who drowned in Shreveport, LA?  Go here for the full story.  It's incredibly sad.  Six teens drowned after falling into the river because none of them, nor the adults they were with, could swim.  That's just so unbelievable to me.  Everyone should learn how to swim... it's just so dangerous not to.  So please, I'm begging you, if you've never learned how to swim, sign up for lessons immediately.  I actually taught myself how to swim (because I loved the water so much and hated to be restricted to the shallow end), as well as how to ride a bike (I was determined one afternoon when I was nine because I felt so out of the loop with my friends), so I know you can do it!

I hope this post was random enough for you.  Have a great afternoon!

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  1. I think it's a crime that some folks never learn how to light a match.