Fall-inspired Rag Wreath

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I was in a cleaning/reorganizing/decorating frenzy this afternoon.  It started with cleaning the bathrooms, then while I had the mop out, I decided to scrub the kitchen floor (fyi: linoleum is the enemy), then when putting the Mr. Clean away, I saw the Pledge and realized that I really needed to dust, which led to wanting to get all of my fall items out (while I had everything off the tables!)  Whew!  So after I had everything decorated to my liking, I remembered seeing this tutorial for a rag wreath on Remodelaholic, so I opened up the box with all of my sewing items (still packed up from when we moved up here), and found three scrap fabrics I could use to make a fall-inspired wreath.  Another free project - score!

The red fabric is a cotton jersey, the tan is a microsuede, and the white is linen.  I really like the contrast of the different fabrics.  I used a wire hanger as the wreath form (love this tip!).

I shaped the hanger into a somewhat circle.  You really can't tell if it's not perfect after the fabric is on.

I had no idea how many strips of fabric I would need, so I started out cutting 10 strips of each.  I had to cut more, and I think I ended up with 24 strips of each color.

Just tie each strip of fabric in a knot around the wreath form!  Easy peazy lemon squeezy!

Here's the wreath hanging on the inside of our front door.  Hmm, leaves a little to be desired.

I hot glued some extra fabric strips into a bow and used some green grosgrain ribbon as the bow's tails.  Better, but not quite there.

Aha!  It just needed a haircut.  Love it!  (Next time I'll start with shorter strips of fabric.)

How much easier can a project get than that?  Less than an hour and I have an awesome wreath that ties all of my fall decorations together!  Love it!

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