Free subscription! Only one catch...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remember when my September Martha Stewart Living arrived bent and I complained that they needed to invest in a little thing called the polybag?  Well, guess what!  My October MSL arrived nice and pristine in a plastic bag!  I did a little whoop of joy when I saw it in the mailbox today because it was pouring (and I mean pouring) rain but I didn't have to worry about it getting wet - hooray!

But when I got inside, I realized that they didn't learn their lesson and start putting every issue in a bag, but instead I was only fortunate enough because they wanted me to renew my subscription.  My excitement was deflated a little, but then I saw this on the envelope...

Free subscription?!  Yippee!!!!

Oh.  You mean I have to pay for my subscription but I can give a free one to someone else (plus a $3 shipping and handling fee).  Why don't I get the free one and you guys send the bill to someone else?  Now that would be a deal.  And the free gift I get for being so generous?  A desk calendar.  Yay.  Excitement squashed.  But the bright side?  I got an extra 10% off on my scratch-off card!  Which doesn't even pay for the shipping and handling...

I had a hard time deciding who I should give the subscription to because I didn't know who already might have one.  And I couldn't exactly call people up and ask them if they had a subscription because then the surprise would be ruined... duh!  So I hope the person I chose doesn't have one, but if they do, hopefully MSL will check their address database and inform me of this.  Am I counting on that?  Absolutely not.

And my parting gift?

They glued the envelope to the front of my magazine and it left this mark when I pulled it off.


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