Garage Sale Saturday

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Steven and I have gone garage saling the past two weekends, and I think we're addicted to it.  We never buy all that much but it's just fun to look at all the crap treasures people have.

We got the large mirror with white frame (that looks like it's never even been hung on a wall) for $3, and the small mirrors were 50 cents each.  I think I'm going to do some sort of craft with the small mirrors, but I haven't decided what.

I got these two packets of beads for 50 cents each.  I think some sort of necklace is calling my name...

I really don't know what I'm going to do with these turquoise Ball jars, but at $1 each, I couldn't pass them up.  I'll come up with something.  I'm thinking they will find a home in our bathroom in NC.  I saw these exact same jars at an antiques store today for $6.50 each!  Granted, they had lids, but still, I don't think lids are worth $5.50!


A gumball machine!  Can you believe it?  $10!  We bought some small gumballs at Dollar Tree, but they're too small, so we may have to splurge for the humungous gumball container at Sam's that should last us a lifetime.  Do you know how hard it is to find gumballs?!  Whoda thunk it?  Yes, it is residing in our bathroom right now, which I realize is kind of weird, but it matches our yellow towels and rug!  And we don't have anywhere else to put it.  I wish it had a stand, but it's pretty cool even without it.

I was trying to talk Steven into buying an ugly green desk, but he wouldn't go for it.  It was only $10, solid oak, and all it needed was a little paint!  I know it could've been really cute, but the voice of reason won out... we didn't really need it.  It's hard to pass up such a great deal though!

I'm really sad that the garage sale season is almost over.  Maybe I'll just have to hunt for crap treasures on Craigslist instead.


  1. Totally nice finds! And yes, if I were you, I would have tried to convince him to buy the sold oak table for $10! I mean great deal. It's solid oak! And you just need to paint! Men always find a way to say no.

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