Master Closet Winterization

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Every once in a while, I look at something in my house and have to change it that instant.  Tonight, it was my closet.  Shorts and skirts weather is pretty much over now, so I wanted to make some room on the shelves and fill it with my sweaters which have been hanging up, but which I have recently decided need to reside on shelves instead.  So I packed all of our shorts away in empty drawers in the guest bedroom.  But I didn't stop there.  I had to reorganize/clean the whole closet (of course!).

View of our closet from the bathroom before.  These shelves housed Steven's and my shorts, my tank tops, towels, earrings, and hats.

Steven's shoes are in a heap on the floor, and half of them he doesn't even wear.

Back wall of closet before.  Steven's work clothes are on the top rack, all of my pants and jeans are on the bottom rack, and two baskets with my socks are underneath.

This metal shelving unit from Target houses my shoes and pajamas.  What a mess.

And after!  As well as putting all the shorts away, I organized my tanks (which get messy soo easily!), relocated the two baskets for my socks which were previously on the floor beneath my jeans, and put Steven's shoes under the shelves.  I also added the hanging canvas shelves that were hiding away in the guest closet unused, which is where my sweaters ended up.  Perfect!  Notice I didn't really tackle the top shelf because there's really no use.  That's all my bags up there and there's no way to make it look any less messy.  Maybe I'll come up with a solution one day, but for now, this is it.

Not much changed here, but I relocated the wicker basket that was under the shelves to under my jeans.  It has all my sports bras and cozy comfy socks in it.

I moved these shelves to the right so I don't have to move my jeans every time I want to reach my shoes.  Duh, why didn't I do this ages ago?!  My boots are in the corner and I reorganized my shoes so that all my winter shoes are easily accessible.  I also refolded all my PJ pants and t-shirts.  I relocated my long sleeve tees and sleep tanks to the two shelves under my sweaters because my t-shirt shelf was overflowing before and therefore impossible to know what I had.  For example...
Hard core.  Ha.

Simple fixes that only took about an hour but made all the difference in the world!

And again...

I love walking into a nice, clean, newly organized closet.  It makes me giddy.  Is that sad?

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