Rain and flight dilemmas

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's pouring rain here in Ohio today.  Unlike some people, I love the rain.  That is, if I'm nice and cozy inside while it's raining.  I drove Steven's car to work today and his windshield wipers about drove me crazy, which reminded me of my last car.  It had three windshield wiper speeds:  Too slow for any kind of precipitation, too fast for most kinds of precipitation, and OMG it's a hurricane!  So I ended up manually operating my wipers most of the time... can you imagine?  I'm so thankful for my Jeep now, which has 7 glorious wiper speeds.

Okay, now for a little rant... I got an e-mail on Sunday that my flight time from NYC to Charlotte on Thanksgiving Day had been changed from 3:40 to 1:30.  The reason we booked that flight was because it was the only flight that left at a convenient time.  All the others were either too early or way too late.  Our whole reason for the trip is to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, so we obviously want to stay for the whole thing without having to worry about catching our flight.  So after I got that e-mail, I went online and looked for other flights, but couldn't find a single one.  I e-mailed the airline (should I tell you which one?  Okay... American), and basically asked them what the deal was and told them that they've put us in a really bad position and could they do anything to help us out - either monetarily or otherwise.  The e-mail I got back basically said "These things happen.  Too bad, so sad."  The next flight they had leaving NYC was at 7:30.  Well, last night, my aunt called me and said there was a JetBlue flight leaving at 4:30.  It must have just been added yesterday because I didn't see it before and the whole plane was empty.  I booked my original flight straight through American but my aunt booked through Travelocity, so she spent over an hour on the phone with them trying to get a refund.  They wouldn't give it to her because they weren't at fault.  Well, finally after much persistence she got them to refund her money, and we both booked the JetBlue flight.  I called American and was on the phone with them for less than 2 minutes cancelling my flight... at least that part worked out for me.  I'm just gonna say it... I never have this problem with US Airways (me and Steven always fly US Air because we have the US Air credit card and get all sorts of miles for using it to book flights).  The only other time I have encountered a schedule change was with an AirTran flight from Charlotte to Orlando last year.  I was working half a day and my original flight was at like 6 p.m., no problem.  Then they changed it to 3:30... okay, that's workable.  Then they changed it to 1 p.m.!  Absolutely ridiculous.  I ended up cancelling it.  Anywho, if JetBlue changes their flight time, I'm going to go off the deep end.  The only reason someone books a flight is because of the departure and arrival times, right?  You'd think airlines would make it their number one customer service priority to keep the times the same at all costs... especially on NATIONAL HOLIDAYS!  But apparently this isn't the case.  Okay, enough ranting...

I hope you all have a great Tuesday, and don't forget about my giveaway which ends on Friday! 


  1. OMG! I know what you mean! I had a flight for 8am and I didn't leave until 11pm! And the worst part of it all was that they didn't tell us ahead of time. I spent one of my days that I was suppose to be in Hawaii, IN THE AIRPORT!

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  2. I'm glad you got things worked out even though it was such a headache! Take lots of pictures and have lots of fun!

  3. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that our flights will be on time, we will arrive at our hotel safely and we will have the best time ever!! You need to google the holiday window dressings in NYC. They will blow you away! I can't wait! We also need to see if our hotel offers a free shuttle to the airport. If not,"dial 7" offers great rates on transportation from the airport to Manhattan. In a luxury sedan - not a stinky taxi.
    I CAN'T WAIT!!!! BTW- I just knew that we would get to see Dave Letterman but he isn't taping while we are there. :(