Skulls and Spiders and Wreaths, oh my!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, I found a wicker wreath form at Dollar Tree and immediately decided that I needed a Halloween wreath. I have fall ones, but I've never found (or wanted to pay for) a strictly Halloween wreath.

Supplies purchased:
18" wicker wreath form (Dollar Tree: $1)
Black roses (2 bunches, $1.99 each)
Black boas (Bought 2, only used 1 so I'm taking the other one back, $4.99)
Bag of skulls ($1.99)
Halloween themed ribbon ($2.79 with 40% off coupon)
Flat black spray paint ($1.99)
Spider rings (Pack of 4, $1)
Orange glitter (I used Martha Stewart Fire Opal, $2.50 with 50% off coupon)
Silver glitter (Generic brand, $1.99)
Total: $22.23 plus tax

Supplies I already had:
Glue gun
Elmer's glue (for glittering)
Wire for bow

First, I glittered all of the skulls and spiders. The glue took forever to dry, plus it's really hard to glitter a 3D object, so I suggest doing this first.

Then I spray painted my wreath black. It took the whole little bottle of spray paint I bought.

I then wrapped one black boa around and secured the ends on the back with hot glue.

I admit, I Googled "how to create a bow". I found a tutorial on YouTube and I think it turned out pretty good! It's really easy. Basically make four loops, leaving tails, and secure the center with wire. Then I just wrapped a little piece of the ribbon around the center to hide the wire. Voila! Instant Halloween bow.

I figured out where I wanted to put my bow (because the wreath wasn't perfectly round), and then attached clumps of black glittery roses randomly with hot glue.

I kinda like it just like this!  But it needs an element of scary.

I attached the skulls and spiders using hot glue.  I cut the ring part off of the spiders so they were flat and therefore glued really easily to the wreath.  The skulls, however, were a little tricky, what with being round and all, but if you put enough hot glue on something, it will stay.

And the final creepy Halloween wreath:

What do you think?  I like it but I made the skulls hanging in the center detachable because I think I want to put some sort of sign in the middle when I get around to making one.  I just hot glued three skulls together and glued the bunch to a ribbon, then tied the ribbon to the wreath.

And just so you know, when I blew my nose today, black feathers came out (no joke), and I will probably be finding orange glitter for months.  Oh the perils of crafting.


  1. Grwat Halloween Wreath! Funny how feathers and glitter came out of your nose =}

    Just Better Together

  2. Darling~ and I love that you glitter-fied the skulls. Very cute and creative. Jen

  3. Crafty, crafty, girl! Way to go! I like seeing all of your creations!

  4. Great job! I think this is just too cute!