A glorious fall Monday

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ahh Monday.  Why do you always come around again?  One day it's Friday and I'm all "Yayyy the weekend!" but then three days later it's Monday again.  Oh the viscious cycle.  But it's a glorious fall Monday.  The leaves are blowing in the wind, it's the perfect shade of overcast with a little chill in the air and I'm sitting inside sipping my coffee and looking out the window (of course while I write to you lovely people).  The kids have settled down after much fighting over the Crayola Glow Dome this morning, and the silence is blissful. 

On days like this, I have a strong desire to make soup.  I love making soup and Centsational Girl's soup post today only made the desire that much stronger.  I really want to try her potato and corn chowder (can anyone say YUM?), but alas, it's just me for the next two weeks and I'm too lazy to put that much effort into a one-person meal.  But perhaps I will make it next week before my lonely trip to NC and bring it home with me for Steven and I to enjoy, because while we don't have any cooking utensils at our house whatsoever*, we do have a microwave!

*I think we have one stock pot, one spatula, a can opener, two plates, two bowls, two forks and two spoons.  Hmm, now that I think about it, Steven bought bread and cheese with the hopes of making grilled cheese sandwiches for his dinner a couple nights... how is he going to grill them?  I guess he could use the stock pot, but how would he get the spatula down there to flip it over?  Hmm, will have to ask him about this.  If he can pull it off, I will have to give him mad props (Yes, I just said mad props.  I guess I have a little gangsta in me).

I will leave you with this silly Halloween pic my college roomies and I took back in 2005 (sheesh, this makes me feel old).

Man, look how shiny my hair was!  I like to think I haven't aged any since then, but a quick side-by-side comparison of then and now says otherwise.  Sigh.  These were the days.

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  1. Jen, you're more beautiful now than you were in 2005!! Pssh, age hasn't touched you at all :)