Our Bedroom in Ohio

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I thought I'd give you guys a tour of our master bedroom in Ohio.  It's really small, probably at least half the space we have in NC, so we don't spend a lot of time in here, but I like it.

We bought the bed from Ashley Furniture before we moved up here, because we needed a guest bed for our guest room in NC anyway, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to buy another bed.  We didn't have room up here for our nice king-sized bed anyway, so it worked out great.  The bedding is from Target and I love it.  Steven thinks it's a little too girly, but for our guest bedroom back home, it will be perfect!  I got the nightstands at Target for less than $10 each on clearance.  Talk about a steal!

The candle holders are from Hobby Lobby, and my awesome Eiffel Tower lamp is from Target.  Don't you love my cute pink alarm clock?  It has an iPod docking station, which makes it even cooler.  I keep the purses I use most frequently on the bottom shelf of my nightstand.  The rest are on the top shelf of our closet, not easily accessible for me, so I either have to yell for Steven or go get the step stool if I want to get one.  Oh the inconveniences of being short.  The basket on the top shelf serves as a catchall (bought at Target... same as the ones in our coat closet).

I hate this TV stand, but it serves its purpose.  We really don't watch much TV in here.  I realized the other day that I watch TV all the time in our room in NC, but hardly ever in here.  Wonder why?  I think it's because the TV is in the corner and therefore is a little harder to watch from the bed.  Steven wants to get a flat screen for our bedroom, but the only problem is, this TV is only 4 or 5 years old (probably one of the last tube TVs made) and still works perfectly well.  Actually, I think it's perfect because it fits so nicely in our armoire in NC (a widescreen TV would look awkward in a square hole, don't you think?)   The chest of drawers is borrowed from my mom, hence why it doesn't match the rest of the furniture.  I think I would paint it a cream color if I had the chance.

Thanks for coming on a tour of our master bedroom!