Our poor kitties got their feelings hurt...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny thing happened tonight.  You know how I'm going down to NC for a few days in a couple weeks?  Well, normally I'd take our kitties with me, but since I'm only going for a few days and most of those days we'll be busy, we decided to call a pet sitter we've used a couple of times before.  Steven called her on Tuesday and had to leave a voicemail.  Well, tonight, he gets an e-mail from the owner of the company (the boss of the lady he called) explaining that she wasn't comfortable doing it because she was afraid our cats would bite her.


Look at that sweet face.

And this one.

After a few minutes of reflecting, I started wondering... are our cats mean?  Aren't all pets suspicious of strangers?

Okay, sure, Maggie has some sort of eating disorder that makes her trample you at dinner time.  But will she bite the hand that feeds her?  I doubt it.

And Abbie?  Okay, her timidness will cause her to run away from strangers and hide under the bed, but is she dangerous?  Highly unlikely.

If the lady is so afraid of two little ol' kitty cats, then perhaps she is in the wrong business.  If we had a rottweiler, I could understand, but a fat white housecat and a little tabby?  And anyway, if she's so afraid of being bitten, why can't she just wear a pair of gloves?!  Do our sweet kitties instill that much fear in her that she can't stomach the thought of stepping into our apartment?  To me, it would be worth it to earn my $13 for the 5 minutes of time each day it takes to give them some food and water (Man, just did the math and that's $156/hour!).

Honestly, I'm a little offended on my kitties' behalf.  How rude, just judging them like that!  They've never bitten me, and Steven's only been bitten once or twice but that's because he likes to rough-house with them.  They don't bite just because.

But what's even worse is that, instead of calling Steven back, she searched back in her e-mail five months to find the last communication she had with Steven (the old convo was still pasted to the bottom of the e-mail) so she could e-mail him instead of confronting him on the phone.  What is wrong with people?

Have any of you used a pet sitter before, and if so, have you ever had one turn down business from you?


  1. Your kitty cats are super adorable! And I totally agree with you, she's in the WRONG business!

    Just Better Together

  2. Oh my gosh.. so so rude! I can't believe it, that's part of the job! I hope you find someone else to help you out.