September Frugalness Recap

Friday, October 1, 2010

If you guys remember wayy back to the beginning of the month, I wrote this post about how Steven and I were determined to spend money on nothing but food and gas for the whole month of September in an effort to revitalize our savings account after a month of way too much spending in August.  Well, I'm happy to report that we did pretty well!  Here are the figures compared to August.

Our bills were pretty much the same -
August:  $828.92
September: $852.06
(*Note: These numbers don't include our mortgage or rent.  Yes, we have a mortgage and rent... oh the joys of living in two places.)

Our food was actually a little less in September but not a substantial amount -
August:  $543.41
September:  $511.05
(Keep in mind, though, that we had a $100 anniversary dinner in September and didn't really go anywhere fancy in August.)

Our gas was a lot less, but I think that's attributed to decreasing gas prices, not that we didn't go as many places -
August:  $371.03
September:  $280.65

And here's the kicker:  our "entertainment" costs.  We define entertainment as anything that does not fall into the above categories.  Namely, shopping.
August:  $1,405.10
September:  $410.01!

Can you believe that we spent almost $1,000 less in September just by not buying random things?  This number was totally unbelievable to me, so I thought I'd give you guys some examples of our August spending...

8/6/10:  Dave & Busters - $20
8/7/10:  Putt-putt - $14
8/7/10:  Cleveland Indians (souvenirs) - $27.71
8/10/10:  Hapari Swimwear - $31.59
8/14/10:  Dry cleaning - $20.19
8/14/10:  Kohl's - $27.60 (went in with two $10 gift cards and still spent this much...)
8/16/10:  Designer Shades in Style - $176.98
8/22/10:  Cedar Point - $72.98
8/24/10:  Michael's - $62.79
8/26/10:  Reebok - $34.32
8/29/10:  DSW Shoes - $86.15
...and this is just a sampling.  Did we really need to spend almost $200 on sunglasses?  Probably not.

Now for September:

9/3/10:  Target - $6.92
9/7/10:  Walmart - $19.06
9/11/10:  CVS - $9.32
9/19/10:  Michael's - $28.91
9/21/10:  Michael's - $2.65
9/21/10:  Delta - $253.80
9/25/10:  Plato's Closet - $17.24
9/27/10:  Michael's - $22.34
...this is pretty much all of them.  Can you tell I have a little bit of a weakness when it comes to Michael's?

So, now for the figure that really matters.

August savings:  -$796.75  (This is really bad and cannot happen again.  This doesn't mean that we ended the month in debt, it just means that our savings had that much less money in it than it did at the beginning of the month.  So technically I guess we borrowed money from ourselves.)
September savings:  $1,199.28!
Net increase:  $402.53

Not too shabby, right?  Now if only we can be this frugal all the time, our savings would be in fantastic shape!

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