Christmas Decor 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So even though we're only going to be at our house for a week before Christmas, I just had to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving decking the halls.  After all, when we move back home on the 19th, I'm going to be a little preoccupied unpacking so thinking about decorating for Christmas at the same time would be a little overwhelming!

Of course we had to get a real tree, since we didn't get to have one last year.  I love it but it was so hard to decorate because the branches are so dense!  I guess it's better too full than not full enough.  I should have taken some close-up pics of our ornaments, but maybe I will when we get back home.  And I love the new throw I got at Target for $10 to hide the cat scratches on the arm of our lovely leather couch.

Garland on the chandelier: Hobby Lobby - $4.  I think I'll get another strand for next year so I can extend it down the arms as well.  I usually have lovely gold-flecked candle holders on the table as well, but of course those are in Ohio. 

I love these snack plates Steven got from a co-worker last year.  The table runner and napkins I got at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple years ago after Christmas for 75% off.

I love our china.  It doesn't get used nearly enough, but it so pretty just sitting on the table (Waterford Kilbarry Platinum, in case you're interested).  I got the snowflake napkin rings last year at Belk after Christmas.  I think they were only a dollar or two each.  I was going to set out our stemware, but was too afraid of the cats jumping up there and knocking them off.

I made the ribbon card holder a couple years ago.  So easy!  Take some ribbon, make a bow, hot glue it to another piece of ribbon, make a loop on the back for hanging, mod podge or hot glue some wrapping paper onto clothes pins and you're done!  I also added some beaded curlicues as decoration.

I also have all of the Hallmark jingle pals sitting on the stairs (They come out with a new one each year and I have all 6.  I love them.), and Steven's Appalachian Santas on the console table in the foyer.  Somehow I missed getting a picture of those.

I am in a very festive mood.  All I want to do is wear my Santa earrings, my jingle bell necklace, my Christmas socks and undies, drink hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies.  But I have to work on our Christmas cards, do a ton more shopping, not to mention lots of presents to make... oy.  Why didn't I do all this in October and November so I could enjoy Christmas without the stress?  But the stress is part of what makes Christmas fun, I think.

Hope you all have a very festive and enjoyable holiday season.


  1. December makes people do crazy things. I started getting the crazy urge to drink some hot chocolate.

    Just Better Together

  2. It looks great! Can't wait to see it in real life! All I have is my tree up -- no decorations. The decorations are up too high so I couldn't get them down. I've been trying to see how long it would take my tall roommate who put them up there to take a hint, but so far no luck.