Another ending...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today was my last day at "work."  I always said "I'm going to work" or "At work, they did blah blah blah", but really, it never felt like work.  The hardest part of each day was just driving there.  After eleven months with these kids, they started to feel like my own and with each passing day, it felt less and less like work, and more like just living.  Isn't that the ideal job?  I loved my un-job job and leaving them today felt like leaving a part of myself behind.  Last October when I left my 8-5 office job, I remember driving home with the hugest smile on my face and singing as loud as I could because hallelujah I was outta there!  This time, it was a little different.  Instead of smiling, I was crying.  Instead of singing along with the radio, the sentimental lyrics made me sad.  I get to see them a couple more times because I'm going to their Christmas programs at their preschool, but after that, I don't know when (or, gulp, if) I'll get to see them again.  I don't know if I'll ever again get to hear them say my name to get my attention, and when I ask what, say "I love you."  Or cuddle with me on the couch while watching Caillou, or get to hear them ask daily about what my kitties did the night before.  Some endings can be good (as was the case with my last job), but this is not one of them.  I came home today and asked Steven what exactly we're going home to because he's moving to a position with less authority, and I'm going to be unemployed.  It's easy to forget the reasoning behind your decisions when faced with strong emotions, and I just have to keep telling myself that.

So, anywho, farewell my sweet children.  You will always hold a special place in my heart, and I know that you guys are still very young, but maybe you will hold a few memories of me as well.


  1. I'm sure they are just as sad to see you go (especially the parents!).

  2. Aw! It's always the hardest to walk away from little kids. They're so sweet!

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  3. Sweet babies... Are we still on the 5 year plan now?

    I know somebody who's going to need a little fat baby to be kept during the day soon!

    I know you're sad to leave them, but I'm excited about you coming home... Love ya!