Happy Birthday to Me: Fabulous Bathroom Hooks!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today was my birthday (well, yesterday I guess seeing as it's after midnight)!! How did I celebrate, you ask? 

By giving our master bathroom a mini-makeover!

It all started last week with a trip to Hobby Lobby (I had a $10 gift card that was burning a big fat hole in my pocket!).  I didn't go in with anything particular in mind, but when I went down the clearance aisle, I found some glass vases that I just knew would look perfect around our bathtub.  They even matched the Ball jars I got at a garage sale over the summer that I really wanted to incorporate into my bathroom decor. 

The before:

A couple of seashell owls and the Ball jars just randomly sitting there.

And, the after:

Love!  I want to get a bunch of off-white votives to fill in the rest of the space around the bathtub and provide cozy mood lighting should I ever actually decide to take a bath.

On Monday, I went down to Charlotte with my aunt, where we stopped into Southpark Mall and whadya know but they have an Anthropologie store!  I picked up two cast-iron hooks that I just couldn't resist.  When I got them home I was a little unsure how they would look on the wall where I wanted to put them.  It seemed to me that two random hooks in the middle of the wall all by themselves would look a little bland.  So off to Houzz I went to search for ideas.  I saw a photo of someone's mudroom, and they had frames hanging on the wall, with coat hooks in the middle of them - genius!  Theirs were all fancy with either scrapbook paper or wallpaper in the center of the frame, but mine were going to be in a bathroom so I didn't want to take any chances with paper.  I woke up on my birthday with a mission - find cheap frames!

I got these lovelies at Goodwill - $1 each!  Score!  I picked up some Vintage Copper spray paint and two little wooden plaques that are supposed to be used in some capacity for crown molding. 

There were quite a few staples holding the picture in, but they were no match for a pair of pliers!

Except, I sustained an injury in the process.  My hands don't look so wrinkly in person... I blame it on the close-upedness.

Whew!  Hard work.

So, here they are, de-uglified.  Well, almost.

There!  Lovely.

Random picture time.  I had my camera on and I set it on my bathroom counter for a second.  When I came back to it, I noticed this on the screen and just had to snap the pic.  Doesn't my curling iron cover look cool?

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Blank, boring wall before:

Our towel situation before: 

We had to fold our towels twice just so they would both fit on this short rod.  It took them forever to dry all the way, plus it just looked sloppy.  I really (and I mean really) wanted to put some nice pretty towels on this rod instead.

The mid-after:

Hallelujah!  We're getting somewhere...

Wondering why I chose vintage copper?  The color ties in with our counter top, and the accent pillows we have on our bed (you can see our bed in the background of the last photo in this post).

Here they are, complete with towels and white paint to camouflage the screws:

Eeee!  How I have dreamed of bathroom hooks...

If you're wondering where those two little wooden plaques went, they're still sitting on the kitchen counter.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them.  I bought them with intentions of painting "his" and "hers" on them and mounting them above the frames, but then I had a stroke of genius and thought "Hey, I'll use my new Cricut Imagine and cut his and hers out of vinyl and put it right on the wall!"  Well, I'm still working on that.  Stay tuned.

While I was in the bathroom makeover mood, I moved the tissue holder (see it there in the background? Yes, you're right, it doesn't have tissues in it, but that's because I can't find them and I know we have four boxes somewhere so I refuse to buy more! Oh the joys of moving.) and replaced it with these apothecary jars from my stash, with some rock vase filler and seashells I gathered in Florida. I think having the glass there makes the countertop seem larger and I just love it.

Prettier towels - yay!  I still want some new ones though.  It's on my list.

Total cost for blue glass vases:  $16 ($26 - $10 gift card)
Anthropologie Hooks: $24
Frames: $2
Spray paint: $6

Total cost for master bathroom mini-makeover = $48

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  1. Wow. The physical cost of making your bathroom look pretty :(

    Just Better Together is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway!