Thursday, January 20, 2011

I (finally!) got everything unpacked and put away from our big move back down south.  It's still not perfect but so much better than having to step over boxes and look at that crapola every day.  (Beware: Lots of pictures below!)

First up, our closet.  This was one of the first things I did (because we're in and out of here 10 times a day) and it took me all day (literally 12 hours).



Sweaters, purses and PJs reside on these shelves.

As you can see, I didn't unpack my shoes because I have  We have the materials to build the most awesome shoe rack eva but we haven't exactly gotten around to it yet.  Have you ever stored your shoes in a big UHaul box?  Most annoying thing I've ever encountered in my whole life.  I kept out the shoes I thought I would wear most often, but wouldn't you know I've had to dig through that box multiple times to find shoes that I haven't worn in months.  I wouldn't recommend this method for shoe organization.

Now onto our pantry!  Not a huge change here, but my friend Emily got me some cute red bins from Target for my birthday that match the inside of my pantry perfectly so I had to put them to use.



No, this is not the site of a natural disaster.  It's our office.


Office Closet Before:


Seriously, we have got to figure out some way to hide those hideous cords.  But they don't bother me that much for now (Did you see those before pictures?! Anything is an improvement.).

Office Closet After:

Hmm, I know this doesn't look like much of an after picture but this is all office and decor stuff that I need to be out of sight.  I'll figure out something better one of these days.

Decor stuff, old laptops (seriously, why do we have these?), yaffa block that holds all of our user manuals to every single thing we've ever gotten.

Now for the Bonus Room which I am the most happy about!  This is my turf and I'm soo glad to have my own crafy space again!



All of that stuff in the floor to the left will not remain in here once I decide what to do with it.  Donate old computer?  First, have to clear hard drive (ugh).  Two bankers boxes full of books awaiting our purchase of a bookshelf.  Steven's eBay stuff that he's never sold on eBay.  Anyone need 20 MP3 player holders?

Ahh, it's love.  Lots of things I still want to get for up here, but this works just fine for now.

I'm so glad to just be DONE for a while.  Well, almost.  Our garage and storage room are still disaster areas but we're going to wait until warmer weather to tackle those.  Have you spent January organizing like everybody else?

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  1. WOW! You're making great progress! I like the "after" pictures :)

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