Winter Tablescape

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My dining room table had been empty and lonely since the Christmas decor came down on New Year's.  Well, last week I decided it could be bare no more!  I made a trip to Hancock Fabrics and got some burlap and a couple other wintry-looking fabrics, and voila!

I gathered a bunch of glass vases I had lying around the house (the one on the far left was used in my reception centerpieces, Steven bought the taper holders in college when he was trying to woo me with candlelight, the candlesticks in the back were on sale at Hobby Lobby a year or two ago, and the other three are all from flower arrangements I've received over the years).

I unraveled the edges of the burlap to create a fringe.  Sooo easy and such fun for the kitties.

I think the combination of jute, blues, tans, and glass screams *winter*.  Or else it screams beachy.  I can't decide, but either way I like it and it's staying until I decide to do something for Valentine's Day.  Which, by the way, I'm thinking about skipping this year.  I usually at least do a tablescape for V-Day, but I'm so burned out on it already (no offense to you bloggy friends who love V-Day and have been posting a V-Day craft a day since before Christmas, but I'm just  Is that Grinchy of me?

I was just doing some random Googling when I came across this article about "White Day" which is celebrated in Japan on March 14th.  Basically, it's just like Valentine's Day is for us Westerners.  The thing is, the Japanese (and other Asian cultures) celebrate V-Day on February 14th, but it's like a Sadie Hawkins holiday, where the women give gifts to the men to show their love and affection instead of the other way around.  But then when White Day rolls around a month later, the tradition is that the men should spend three times as much on their significant other than their ladies did on them for V-Day.  Interesting, eh?  Just a random bit of useless trivia for your Tuesday. :)


  1. Can I just say that I wish I was this crafty! We bought our house in October and STILL can't decided how to decorate!

  2. I love the almost beachy decorations!

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