Laundry Room: Brainstorming

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've been planning a remodel of our laundry closet for quite some time now but I'm a little bit unsure of what I want and/or need in such a small space.  The jumping off point is the Casablanca Allover Stencil I won in a giveaway from Cutting Edge Stencils on Lemon Tree Creations

Isn't she beautiful?

I found a cheery yellow and white quatrefoil laundry bag on clearance at TJMaxx and I had my color scheme (although I wasn't quite sure in what capacity I would use the laundry bag). I also found a cute yellow and white trash can at Target for $10 that I couldn't pass up.  That's as far as my planning went.

I've been thinking about it off and on and looking for inspiration online, but I'm a tad noncommital.

See, don't yellow and white walls look so fresh and so clean clean in a laundry room? (Um, yeah, couldn't resist adding the song lyrics in there, although I couldn't tell you what song that line comes from.)  Source

Look at all those neatly folded linens and the stainless counter top.  This just looks like organizational heaven.  Source

I love this beachy laundry room.  See the powdered detergent in the cute apothecary jar on the bottom shelf?  I have seen this literally and I love love LOVE it, but I use liquid detergent.  I actually considered switching so I, too, could have a pretty glass jar, but I Googled the pros and cons of liquid versus powdered detergent, and liquid far outweighs powdered in numerous areas.  Just fyi. 

Another yellow laundry room, but I'm loving the pops of blue, from the shirt, to the ironing board, and finally the fabulous floor!  All that storage above is great, but how would I ever access any of it?  I'm 5 feet tall.  I have to keep this in mind.  Source

I love these shelves with the beadboard behind, and the curtain for when guests come over (you know, just in case you don't always keep it this immaculate).  But again, I would literally have to climb on top of the dryer to reach the dish soap on the top shelf.

What don't I love about this one?  The sink skirt, the graphic rug, the Ikea rod and hook organization above the sink, and again those blasted apothecary jars!  Source

What I need:
Paint color:  How bright should I go?  I'm thinking the bolder yellow the better.
Solution for ugly liquid laundry detergent bottle.  Ideas?
Basket or bin for other essentials: Bleach, Shout, Febreze
Plastic drawer or something for small items (lint roller, Tide To-Go pens, mesh laundry bags, etc etc)

That's really all I keep in the closet but I want it to look pretty too so that every time I open those bi-fold doors, I get excited to do laundry.  Okay, that may be a stretch, but at least I will feel a little happier.

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  1. what i'm mostly jealous about in those laundry rooms you feautered-besides being all cute-are those front load pretties! i'm still doing it old school with a mismatched old set!