Freshened up for Spring

Monday, March 14, 2011

It was time for some new springy decor around here. 

First up, a CSN Stores bowl filled with faux green apples. (Small ones: Target - $5, large ones: Walmart - $1 each) I saw a Houzz ideabook on green apples and just had to incorporate the look! I know apple season is fall and not spring, but I think the green apples make it springy.

Vintage Reader's Digest books picked up at the Habitat Restore (50 cents each!). Tray was a Goodwill find for $1.50. Got the a-freakin'-dorable cast iron owl at Urban Outfitters for half off (came to about $7). 

Isn't the little tealight birdcage sooo cute?  I got it and the faux flower and sparkly greenery at Michaels.

Okay, this isn't really springy, but two of the three pieces are new so I had to share!  My new blue vase from CSN Stores and a piece of funky pottery I picked up at my favorite pottery store in Pigeon Forge.  I got it to replace the piece my kitties broke, but I still don't love it as much as I did that pitcher.  They didn't have anything even remotely similar to it, but I still like this piece with all its quirky curves.

I got this table runner and the napkin rings (those things around the votive holders) at the same pottery store in PF a few years ago.  This picture kinda stinks and doesn't do this display justice, but I just love it.

So that's my springy decor around here.  I can't wait until it's shorts and flip flops weather!

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