Lamp Revamp

Friday, March 4, 2011

Last week I found these beauties at Goodwill:

Yes, you read that right:  Only $4 each!  And they matched!  And the only thing they needed was a little spray paint!  I snatched these babies up quicker than I could say "gimme!"

Before I show you the big reveal, a quick little anecdote.  I was so excited about painting these today that I rushed outside to lay out a plastic tarp to protect my patio, slammed the door shut behind me and immediately regretted it.  I tried the knob thinking maybe my suspicions were wrong, but nope, locked out (I unlocked the deadbolt to get out, but forgot to unlock the actual knob, which lets you get out but not back in).  I had on a pair of flip flops and my PJs with a sloppy sweatshirt over them, and my only option was to run across the street to the neighbor's house that we've never met in almost four years of living here because I saw that her car was in the driveway.  She answered the door probably thinking I was some hoodlum and I told her I lived across the street and I'm an idiot and could I please use her phone to call my husband?  She obliged, I used her phone, and then she promptly showed me to the door and I had to wait for Steven on our deck until he got there.  Luckily he was off work this afternoon and was on his way to meet friends for lunch, and wasn't stuck in some marathon conference call or something.  So next on our list to buy:  Remote keypad for the garage door. 

Okay, back to the lamps.  Here they are all nice and shiny black with cute Target drum shades.

Ignore the kitty paw prints all over the table.  For some reason, it's their favorite place to jump up on and proceed to walk all over.

Here's the before with the mismatched lamps.  The one on the left is too short and the one on the right is too tall.  It has always bugged me.  Well, it's bugged me for the two months we've had a living space down here.

And here's the room with brand-spanking-new, perfect height, matching lamps.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all about mismatched lamps, but this room just screams for symmetry.  (Ignore the computer and heated blanket cords in the following picture.  Laziness again rears its ugly head!)

I'm going to jazz up the shades a little bit with some some ribbon or stenciling or something, but I haven't decided what yet and will probably hold off a while until we decide exactly what we're doing to this room.

These totaled up to $17 per lamp + $5 for the spray paint.  Not too shabby.

Here's another before and after.

Symmetry just makes me happy.  Love!



  1. I love them, I am always on the lookout for lamps when I am at the thrift store; I can never seem to find any esp. matching ones! Great job, they look much better! :)

  2. You found a real bargain! I love the transformation.

  3. Great redo on the lamps!!

    Visiting from VR!

  4. Great redo on the lamps!!

    Visiting from VR!

  5. Hi Jenna, don't you love Goodwill and discarded lamps? I especially love pairs! Nice work on the re-do. They are perfect!

  6. Very nice! I would definitely add some ribbon-- it will make them even better! :) great job!