Woo hoooo: New Curtains!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eeeee, something exciting for you today!  Okay, maybe you're not that excited, but just humor me, mmkay?

I got curtains for my naked dining room windows!  Wahoooo.

Here they were in all their sad "before" glory.  (Although don't you just love that bunting? hehe)

And here they are now with simple white sheers ordered from Target.com with a birthday giftcard.

Rods from Lowes.

I think this area looks so much more "done" now.  I really wanted to stay light and simple with the draperies because this is such a small area.  I didn't want the curtains to compete with any of the decor in the living room since this is essentially part of a great room.

Sidenote:  See the holes above the rod on the right?  Yeah, a few miscalculations occured, but it was smooth sailing on the left window!  I just need to sand and paint and you'll never know!

While we're in the dining room, I thought I'd show you my spring tablescape!

I am loving the monochromatic look this spring.  I used some of the same elements as my winter tablescape, but switched the focal point to this cute little white pitcher I got at Michaels (50% off!), with a fake hydrangea in it.  I noticed while I was at Michael's that day that I really don't like any other fake flowers, and really, hydrangeas are my favorite real flower.  I just love the fullness of hydrangeas because it really only takes one to make a statement.  What I wouldn't give to have a hydrangea bush... too bad I have a black thumb.  Feel free to pity me (or gift me with fresh hydrangeas!)

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